CMO + CFO, a crucial alliance for digital transformation

According to Google’s Digital Transformation research, organisations that are at the forefront of digital transformation are those where C-level managers are aligned and have close working relationships.

To conduct this study, Google spoke with multiple Fortune 1000 companies across all industries. During these conversations, one alliance emerged as the most critical: the CMO and CFO power pair.

This partnership can help organisations accelerate digital transformation and increase business performance.

Most senior executives within the most digitally advanced organisations recognise that the most senior marketing profiles within their companies not only have a strong relationship with their CEOs but also with their CFOs.

This alliance can help organisations accelerate digital transformation and increase business performance.


But how can CMOs and CFOs work together collaboratively if each has different competencies, responsibilities and teams to lead?

The three main key findings of this study were:

  • Speak a shared language.
  • Set mutually beneficial goals
  • Build trust to drive transformation


Read the full Think With Google report here


Digital transformation in organisations is essential, but this process is different for every business and/or sector. From defining budgets, to setting measurement metrics, it is critical to explore the most appropriate solutions to help your organisation gain the right insights to become more agile, create growth opportunities while developing the resilience needed for the future.


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*Source: Think with Google


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