TwizyLine a real autonomous driving project to improve mobility

Yesterday Renault presented the 2nd Prize in the International “Twizy Contest” on the Miguel Delibes Campus of the University of Valladolid to members of the TwizyLine team.

TwizyLine is a real autonomous driving project in which Luce Innovative Technologies participates. It consists of a carsharing service based on an autonomous parking that seeks an ecological mobility solution thanks to the use of electric vehicles, implemented automatic driving algorithms, including adaptation to obstacles by the project team.

The recent graduates, Adrián Mazaira, Samuel Pilar and Ignacio Royuela, from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación, and Mario Martín, from the Degree in Journalism at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, received from the Rector of the University of Valladolid, Antonio Largo, and from Director of Engineering at Renault Spain, Marc Bodin, the award for their second place in the international TwizyContest2020 competition. Unconditionally his Renault mentors: Daniel Castaño and Jairo Gurdiel González, engineers from the Renault R&D&I Centre, and the tutor at the University of Valladolid, professor at the ETS of Telecommunications Engineering Juan Carlos Aguado, accompanied the former UVa students.

At Luce Innovative Technologies we have always trusted in innovation, and given the close relationship we have with UVa, we have firmly believed in this project from the beginning, sponsoring what is already a real project of urban mobility and sustainability. Our talent and expertise in Artificial Intelligence and computing hand in hand with great partners in Cloud such as Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, makes it possible to create projects to optimise last-mile routing and reduce the carbon footprint, as well as TwizyLine

To highlight the importance of this award, the event was attended by the Councillor for Mobility and Urban Space of Valladolid City Council, Luis Vélez, who highlighted the “example of talent” of the University and the need for innovation in the field of urban mobility.
As already announced a few days ago, he recalled the participation of Valladolid City Council in a PERTE led by Cellnex and Renault, encouraging new entrepreneurial initiatives such as the one demonstrated by the TwizyLine team.  

Within the projects eligible for financing by European funds, this type of technological initiative linked to the automotive sector, aims to make Valladolid the first European city in which the autonomous car will be tested in a real environment. 

This is undoubtedly a highly innovative project that will facilitate mobility and sustainability in cities, and from Luce Innovative Technologies we want to continue to support with our sponsorship the teams that demonstrate that every day we work for innovation and entrepreneurship of our young talents.

As the motto of the TwizyLine team says: “We are Drawing the Future”.



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