Maybe you like challenges, innovation, learning, you are not satisfied with standard solutions… and you also like to work in a team and in an environment of collaboration and companionship. This is our Data team and we need to grow: possibility of remote or hybrid work, flexible working hours, continuous training, career plan…

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This is our team and we need more people who share our vision and who, like us, want to do something different and “change the world”. 

How did you get here…

  • Highly valued Engineering in computer science or telecommunications
  • Course or Master in Big Data
  • More than 3 years experience as a Data Engineer
  • Used to propose solutions that add value to the project and to the client.
  • Working on several projects at the same time.


What will you do…

  • Data analysis with pyspark
  • Developing services with python and flask
  • Working with SQL in BigQuery
  • Deploying services with Google Cloud
  • Implementation and deployment of ETLs in google cloud
  • Ingesting and analysing various data sources
  • Graphing with python, Domo or Datastudio
  • CI/CD with Git, Bitbucket, Sonar, etc.
  • Monitoring of cloud services


You will collaborate in the technical management and growth of the team while evolving in your own career plan.

Highly aligned to the business, you will propose new solutions and the most appropriate strategies to add value to the customer.

Our goal is to change the world with technology and data, will you join us?


What will you find…

  • An atmosphere of commitment, partnership and closeness.
  • Career plan and continuous training.
  • Full time with flexible working hours.
  • Possibility of remote or mixed working.
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More about Luce Innovative Technologies

At Luce we build innovative software systems that automate and accelerate the digital evolution of value, we drive the transformation of businesses to data-driven models, we provide our clients with their competitive advantage, a complete and differential experience, transparent, and why not, surprising.

We are very good at what we do, we have integrity, we are close and our projects are the most powerful and innovative. And it’s not us who say so, but our clients. 50% of the IBEX35 companies already trust us because we bring technology, value, ideas, commitment and honesty…

And we have proof, their executives give us a 9 when we ask them if they would work with us again or if they would recommend us to other organisations… we are on the way!


We are and we want to be different.

Decide what and who you want to be, we are committed to people.


Would you work with Luce again?

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