We need the best people in our Squad, because our projects are innovative, powerful and amazing… do you want to grow with us?

We are currently looking for a Systems Engineer with experience in DevOps and Cloud (Microsoft Azure).

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Do you want to do amazing things, in Luce you will make the most of your skills, you will work in the best team, with flexible hours, and a close, collaborative and communicative way of working. We are based in Valladolid but we consider flexible working with teleworking.

People come first

What will you need… 

  • Degree in Marketing, commerce and/or market research.
  • Master’s degree in Bigdata, Digital Marketing or similar will be a plus.
  • At least 2 years experience in optimisation and campaign management for large accounts.
  • SEM / SEO
  • Experience in data analytics at strategic level.


What will you do…

  • Analysis of public cloud services, design and implementation of infrastructure to meet architectural needs within budget.
  • Deployment of cloud applications using managed services (PaaS) and customised infrastructure (IaaS) oriented to microservices.
  • Proactive monitoring and support, reviewing behavioural and performance metrics to detect leaks and propose adjustments to systems in production to anticipate potential incidents and set up early warnings.
  • Orchestration of data capture (CDC), sending and transformation tasks.
  • Migration of applications and services on premise and in private cloud to Microsoft Azure public cloud: Virtual Machines, Database for PostgreSQL, Application Gateway, App Service, AKS…
  • Administration and tuning of storage systems oriented towards parallel processing and analytics (HDFS, Hive, HBase).
  • SQL (PostreSQL, MySQL, Oracle…) and NoSQL (Mongo, Cassandra…) databases.
  • Administration and tuning of Java application servers (Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish…)
  • Administration and tuning of queuing systems (Kafka, RabbitMQ, Eventhub…)
  • Docker: code containerisation for deployment in public cloud services.
  • Cost analysis and optimisation.


What will you find…

  • An atmosphere of commitment, companionship and closeness.
  • Career and training plan
  • Practical training with the most powerful technical advisors.
  • Full time with flexible working hours.
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More About Luce

At Luce we build innovative software systems that automate and accelerate the digital evolution of value, we drive the transformation of businesses to data-driven models, we provide our clients with their competitive advantage, a complete and differential experience, transparent, and why not, surprising.

We are very good at what we do, we have integrity, we are close and our projects are the most powerful and innovative. And it’s not us who say so, but our clients. 50% of the IBEX35 companies already trust us because we bring technology, value, ideas, commitment and honesty…

And we have proof, their executives give us a 9 when we ask them if they would work with us again or if they would recommend us to other organisations… we are on the way!


We are and we want to be different.

Decide what and who you want to be, we are committed to people.


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