Invest in projects for the technological and digital transformation of your company

You can apply for financial aid through the Next Generation European Funds

At LUCE we help to identify, request and subsequently execute strategic projects for the digital transformation of the business , eligible for Next Generation European Union Funds.

The “NextGenerationEU” funds are a temporary recovery instrument that will help repair the immediate economic and social damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Post-COVID-19 Europe will be greener, more digital, more resilient and better adapted to current and future challenges. It is important to know which subsidy line my company is going to receive, but it is more important to know  what digital transformation project I am going to carry out in my organization.

Probably, the subsidy percentages will be higher than in other regional, national and European funds, however the justification procedures will respond to the current regulations of the European Commission, and therefore it is important to look for a partner with experience in them.

The time to carry out your digitization project is Now!/span>

Doubts about eligible Digital Transformation Projects?

What types of bankable projects does Luce develop?

At LUCE we help build the competitive advantage of your company in the areas of Cloud, Data, Infrastructure, Smart Automation and the most innovative Digital Marketing solutions on the market.


Specifically for grants from the Next Generation European Funds, it can help both Companies and Goverment administration , with all those digital transformation projects that can be executed with charge of the European funds for digital transformation aid:

  • Cloud : cloud migration, hybrid cloud and cloud spending optimization
  • Artificial Intelligence for the automation of production, administration and Digital Marketing processes
  • RPA (Robot Process Automation) removal of handicrafts in the company.
  • Cognitive Martketing
  • Optimization of digital sales and conversion rate
  • Arquitecture and scalable data governance

At LUCE we have a comprehensive view of the business, the processes, and their activation. The delivery of value is constant for our clients with the contextualization of the Artificial Intelligence pieces with the business objectives, the associated processes and the activation of the project.

The expertise of our team, certified by the best technology partners and the focus on learning and continuous improvement of processes, makes us unique for the refinement of digital transformation projects and the identification of the best way to deliver value to the client .

Next Generation Funds for Spain

The plan “España Puede” is the ECONOMY RECOVERY, TRANSFORMATION AND RESILIENCE PLAN presented by the Spanish government.

It will guide the execution of 72,000 million euros of European funds until 2023 and will mobilize 50% of the resources available to Spain in the next three years thanks to the Next Generation EU instrument.


The Plan, inspired by the Agenda for Change, the 2030 Agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, is based on four pillars that will backbone the transformation of the economy as a whole:

  • Green Spain: ecological transition
  • Digital Spain: Digital Transformation
  • Spain without gender gaps: Gender Equality
  • Cohesionate and Inclusive Spain: Social and Territorial Cohesion


Specifically, the Plan Spain Digital 2025 will  focus its objectives in promoting the digital transformation of the country as one of the key levers to relaunch economic growth , reducing inequality, increasing productivity and taking advantage of all the opportunities offered by new technologies , with respect for constitutional and European values, and the protection of individual and collective rights.

How to apply for Next Generation Funds?

LUCE has agreements with the main technological innovation centers that can present these subsidies on projects for digital transformation.


Next generation projects will be led by Luce’s partner to ensure their success. Javier Durán , CEO of Luce Innovative Technologies, has to his credit the experience in achieving projects with European funds of more than 10MM euros, more than 25 innovation projects with grant percentages up to 80%. More than 13 International Research Publications, and more than 20 Congress and awards in international innovation and development (Best IEEE Carnahan Scientific Publication Prize)


Luce Innovative Technologies emerged as a spin-off of universities and the success of its proposals for transformation and innovation projects of European funds are 100% successful and with maximum subsidy. 

Take advantage of this moment to carry out your digitization project with the digital transformation aids from the European Union Funds, Next Generation

About Luce

At Luce we want to be the company selected by our clients to accompany them in their digital transformation in the areas of technology, data and automation. We build innovative software systems that automate and accelerate the digital transformation of value. Helping our clients to build their competitive advantage in the most efficient way

Our team is specialized and certified by the best technology partners in the areas of Cloud, Data, Infrastructure, Smart Automation and the most innovative Digital Marketing solutions on the market.

And for them we are going to build a leading company:

  • Tecnology + Business + Data + Metodology
  • Package Knowledge
  • The most efficient in sale and execution

The 50% of the IBEX 35 companies in the Banking, Travel, Retail, Logistics and Public Administration sectors, and trust us because we provide technology, value, ideas, commitment and honesty.


Partner of the best technological solutions on the market in eCommerce, Customer Experience, Customer Engagement, Robot Process Automation and Multicloud Architectures.

Technological Partners

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Luce Innovative Technologies drives the digital transformation of your business

Luce is the company selected by our clients to accompany them in their digital transformation in the areas of technology, data and automation, without losing the essence of an innovative, specialized and committed team.

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