Luce Innovative Technologies, a specialty partner of Tealeaf by Acoustic

Tealeaf by Acoustic and Luce Innovative Technologies enable brands to take an insights-driven approach to driving revenue across digital experiences and digital channels. With our expertise, we help you scale your digital business with personalized strategies more quickly and effectively.

Treat every customer like they’re your only customer.

Tealeaf by Acoustic helps brands and digital product owners use customer-driven UX prioritization to increase product adoption and build experiences that capitalize on every digital experience—helping you move your business forward.


As a leader in this space, Tealeaf by Acoustic is the only solution that can capture all the data and analyze it to the detail that brands require to prioritize their customer experience efforts with more speed and accuracy and to build revenue across digital channels and experiences.

Customer success story

The Success Story of RIU Hotels & Resorts

RIU Hotels & Resorts implemented Tealeaf by Acoustic to optimize its reservation and ticketing services to ensure that the customer experience increased direct online purchases, while capturing data to improve conversions across the customer lifecycle.

Luce Innovative Technologies enabled RIU Hotels & Resorts to leverage the insights while still relevant to build, manage, and capitalize on opportunity for its online reservation and commerce site.

Achieved Results

cut in response times to detect anomalies
reduction in need for situation analysis
of global turnover reported as anomalous

Acoustic Resources

Travel and Tourism: Gaining Customer Insights.

Before You Lose the Reservation Understand the reasons for incomplete bookings. Download this ideapaper to discover the power of digital experience insights

Fraud identification and forensics with Tealeaf

Mitigating fraud in a digital world. A global banking fraud survey from KPMG found that over 60% of respondents have experienced an increase in fraud volume.

Curating the Self-Service Banking Experience

The retail banking industry is undergoing rapid transformation. Technology has expedited self-service banking through digital and mobile conveniences.

Marketing campaigns
Marketing Benchmark Report

Marketing Benchmark Report by Acoustic examine email and mobile marketing messages from several thousand brands to establish industry standards on customer engagement.

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