The power of CRO: Cycle to boost your online sales

Did you know that by applying the CRO methodology you can increase your sales? Our CRO methodology follows a continuous optimization cycle, in which you learn from the data, make informed decisions and perform tests to further improve the conversion rate based on your business objectives.

The application of the strategy to increase the conversion rate in your digital channels is based on a continuous cycle with a focus on CRO methodology at all stages, from a preliminary analysis of the situation of your website or app, to applying tests based on conclusive hypotheses that lead to boosting your digital sales.

In the initial stage of the cycle, a comprehensive analysis and monitoring of metrics and data is performed to obtain key information about the behavior of web visitors. This allows you to identify patterns, trends and potential areas for improvement.

The next step in the cycle is hypothesis validation, where A/B or multivariate tests are performed to test different theories and determine which one generates the best results. By creating a roadmap based on best practices and using automated audiences, a synergy between analytics and testing is achieved, thus maximizing the impact of the implemented actions.

Accurate and controlled testing is essential to validate hypotheses and obtain quantifiable results. This ensures that decisions are made based on solid, reliable data, rather than assumptions or hunches.Always make decisions based on data.

As changes are implemented, it is crucial to evaluate the results and adjust the strategy based on the data obtained. Results and data that align with customer needs are prioritized.

To further understand customer needs, the voice of the customer is used through surveys and feedback. This provides valuable information about their expectations, preferences and specific needs, which allows for personalization and improvement of the user experience.

In the last stage, personalization takes place, an important phase to maximize the results obtained. Here, an analysis of the results is carried out and the actions implemented in the previous stages are followed up.

During this stage, the aim is to adapt the content and offers to the navigation of each user in an individualized manner. Through the use of advanced technologies, one-to-one communications can be offered in real time through various digital channels.

Performance analysis is essential to understand which changes have had a positive impact on conversion rates. Key metrics are evaluated and user behavior patterns are identified to determine which personalization elements are most effective.

This entire process is recurring and is based on improving the results and user experience around the OKRs defined in your organization.

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