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The Why

We are united by a passion for challenges and a non-conformism that leads us to a constant search for value.  

“We believe that technology and data can transform the world.”.

How do we do it?

Creating flow between learning, innovation and proactive project execution.

Working in a positive, friendly and supportive environment between us and our customers.

What do we do?

We solve value challenges using technology and data to accelerate digital transformation in society.

We deliver value and end2end solutions with the best methodology to our customers.


We help build our clients' competitive advantage on their ecosystem.

Cognitive Marketing

Luce uses artificial intelligence so that our clients can anticipate the needs of consumers, offering them a service in a personalized way that exceeds their expectations.

Digital Capabilities

A deep knowledge about digital marketing, usability, user experience and a solid technical foundation in web and mobile development technologies.

Agile & DevOps

Working with the latest web and mobile development technologies, advanced methodologies and processes that guarantee the maximum agility and quality of our services.

Big Data & Customer Data Analytics

Any customer interaction becomes information that the company stores. Luce’s challenge is to be able to convert that data into business actions.

Multi-cloud Arquitecture

Helping in your operations strategy to choose the most appropriate multi-cloud architecture: access, integration, scalability, security, management and direction.

Cutting Edge Services

Continuously innovating with the latest technologies in AI, process automation and RPA (Robotic Process Automation)


Luce is the place for people who want to change the world through technology and data.
Join the Luce team!

People First

Behind every achievement there is a great team of people. Engaged colleagues, a good environment, personal treatment and work-life balance are our daily routine. With colleagues like this, how can we not be happy at work!

Desire to Learn

When you combine a young, enthusiastic and dynamic team, with the knowledge and experience of great experts, we evolve and learn from ourselves, from our colleagues, from the best … and so it is easy to be a partner of the greats: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Red Hat, MongoDB, Snowflake….

Amazing Projects

Yes, the people at Luce are great, so are our projects! Always adding value with our technology and solutions is what sets us apart and makes our projects more and more inspiring, powerful and strategic..


We support our clients in their digital transformation by building a real team.

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Our wide network of partners and our team specialized in the best technological solutions in the market ensures the success of each project.

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