• Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.

    Luce builds technology to boost data driven businesses, offering customers a full, honest, and why not, surprising experience.

What We Do

Cognitive Marketing

People are complex. By examining human behavior and neuroscience, we are able to help salespeople understand prospects' decision-making process, shortening the sales cycle.

Digital Capabilities

Getting to know how your customers move through your website is essential to understanding the reason for your conversion rates.

BigData & Customer Data Analytics

Every interaction with customers brings tons of data. Ready to filter and use it effectively?

Multi-cloud Architecture

There are many options. A lot. We are here to assist you in choosing the right multi-cloud architecture so there are no blank spaces in your tech stack.

Agile & DevOps

Customers trust companies who attend to them quickly and well. So businesses need to turn toward agile culture and implement DevOps processes to cover it.

Cutting Edge Services

In this industry, only leading companies with best in class professionals are able to offer cutting edge services.


Home to talented and smart people who enjoy coming to work with a common purpose, our team keeps sane working hours, while still being themselves in and out of the office. If you feel like you're a good fit, join Luce´s team to shape the world around us, creating rich experiences for our customers in real time, using state of the art technology.

Learning Eagerness

Luce is committed to excelling everyday, and dedicates lot of time and resources to get it. When the team does its best, it is not that hard to partner with Google, Azure, Red Hat, Mongo, you name it.

People first

We are big enough to have a structure based on people working with numbers, not the other way around. Committed colleagues and a happy staff sound natural to us.

Amazing Projects

If people at Luce are great, our projects are no less. Big and small, all our clients are equally challenging and we give our best to make them happy.