• We create innovative, usable and responsible technological solutions adapted to your needs.

    Luce builds technology to boost data driven businesses, offering customers a full, honest, and why not, surprising experience.

What We Do

Cognitive Marketing

Luce uses artificial intelligence so that our clients can anticipate the needs of consumers, thus offering them a shopping experience and a service that exceeds their expectations, in a personalized way. In a non-intrusive way for the consumer, we collect data on their interactions with the brand in different digital (and non-digital) channels, in order to predict their interest, infer their preferences, determine the best time to contact, etc. Thus, our clients are able to offer exceptional services.

Digital Capabilities

Optimizing the conversion rate is key to successful online selling. Our multidisciplinary team is expert in digital channel optimization using a proprietary methodology that combines web analytics tools, session analytics, a/b testing and customization with a deep knowledge about digital marketing, usability, user experience and a solid technical foundation in web and mobile development technologies. In this way, our services allow an integral channel optimization at all levels: technical, functional, marketing and usability.

Agile & DevOps

Jumping into agile culture is basic to moving forward and enabling companies to serve customers in a faster and more reliable way. DevOps processes allow any new interaction between customer and company to be attended as soon as it occurs, facilitating continuous improvement without any delay. In Luce we not only work with the latest web and mobile development technologies, but also with the most advanced methodologies and development processes that guarantee maximum agility and quality in the provision of our services.

BigData & Customer Data Analytics

Your company collects a lot of data at the end of the day, right? Any customer interaction becomes information that the company stores. The challenge is to be able to convert that data into actions in the business units, avoiding silos both between teams and between systems. Luce has the vision and the right team to make this challenge a complete success.

Multi-cloud Architecture

The use of data without limits between different technologies as if it were a single data center provides incredible business insight. A simple concept, right? But its implementation is not. Challenges such as access, integration, scalability, security, management, and governance of operations are common when deciding on the most appropriate multi-cloud architecture.

Cutting Edge Services

In Luce we are one step ahead. We continuously innovate to offer our clients the most advanced services using the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, process automation and RPA (Robotic Process Automation).


Home to talented and smart people who enjoy coming to work with a common purpose, our team keeps sane working hours, while still being themselves in and out of the office. If you feel like you're a good fit, join Luce´s team to shape the world around us, creating rich experiences for our customers in real time, using state of the art technology.

Learning Eagerness

Luce is committed to excelling everyday, and dedicates lot of time and resources to get it. When the team does its best, it is not that hard to partner with Google, Azure, Red Hat, Mongo, you name it.

People first

We are big enough to have a structure based on people working with numbers, not the other way around. Committed colleagues and a happy staff sound natural to us.

Amazing Projects

If people at Luce are great, our projects are no less. Big and small, all our clients are equally challenging and we give our best to make them happy.