How to transform your business through data

Find out how PuroEGO achieved this with the help of DOMO and Luce IT


Data management can be a complex task for any company. Fear of information loss, cost overruns or mismanagement of resources often limit the decision to have a platform that helps organize information in a single tool.

Since data management is so important, it is essential to have a solution that is simple, where users get valuable information through dashboards, alerts and other tools that adapt to each use case, facilitating access to data more quickly and easily.


In this sense, we want to have a real example of a customer case such as PuroEGO, which was also awarded at the Retail Forum for this initiative, how the leading Spanish firm in the men’s textile sector, decided to take a leap forward in its digital transformation.

Luce IT implemented the Domo BI SaaS solution in PuroEGO, to better control the rotation of its merchandise in real time and be able to make more agile and effective decisions.

With the help of DOMO and Luce IT, PuroEGO has achieved impressive results:

  • 10% annual increase in margin,
  • 7% reduction in surplus compared to the previous year.


In addition, the implementation of DOMO’s data platform has enabled PuroEGO to access information faster than before, achieving a 35% improvement in information access. DOMO’s end-to-end data platform has enabled PuroEGO to integrate its data into a single platform, simplifying data access and analysis, as well as smart business decision making.


But what really sets DOMO apart from other solutions on the market is its self-service approach, which facilitates faster and easier access to data. In addition, with DOMO, new areas of the business that were not previously being addressed, such as digital marketing or sustainability, can be added, allowing for a more holistic and complete management of business data in a simple way.

The implementation of Luce IT has been key to PuroEGO’s transformation. At Luce IT we are specialists in the implementation of technological solutions, to help obtain the desired results by generating value through technology and data.

The team formed by PuroEGO, DOMO and Luce IT provided real business value. Together they have built a great analytics and Business Intelligence project with impact on business KPIs, focusing efforts on creating a data culture, from availability to governance, quality and reliability with a simple and easy to use solution that ensures compliance with objectives.

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