How the emailing campaign market is evolving?

Our strategic partner, Acoustic, has produced a report that examines the "process". These are metrics, which measure message-centric activity, such as openings and clicks. All data is collected in the...

Brain 4.0, Smart Predictive Maintenance

The Brain 4.0 project is a project co-financed by the EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND of the EUROPEAN UNION through the Agency for Innovation, Financing and Business Internationalisation of Castilla...

LuceIT receives ISO/IEC 15504 certification

Luce manages to certify its model of software solutions development according to ISO/IEC 15504, certifying the level of maturity of the processes when carrying out their projects, which means that the model developed by Luce to carry out their projects is a mature, effective and measurable in order to provide better service and certification of them for our customers….

Javier Durán participates in Grupo Norte's Canal Innova

On December 1st, the launch of the Innova Channel took place, an idea of GRUPO NORTE that aims to be the platform to share successful experiences focused on continuous improvement, creativity, innovation and process improvements among others….