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The public cloud is fast becoming a dominant force in enterprise IT departments. However, migration remains a challenge for many enterprises.  In fact, according to Dimensional Research, nearly two-thirds of migration projects are very difficult to complete or fail altogether, while more than half are over budget.

Migration projects are very difficult to complete or fail altogether, while more than half are over budget.

But why do some migrations fail? 

Firstly by purely organisational aspects, such as the corporate culture, which must change from the top of the organisation for digital transformation to take place.

Another factor isthe fear or reluctance to change by the people that make up the organisation, in addition to a limited or non-existent budget for internal technology improvements, and the lack of communication between IT and finance. 
Apart from this is often a lack of knowledge about existing infrastructure and/or new technologies and methods for migration, not to mention of course the time it takes to not only deploy it, but to have your team ready to do it. 

Secondly, the planning of the whole migration process. It is important to know how to define the stages and the logical path your organisation should follow depending on its level of maturity, knowledge and needs. 

The key aspects of a successful cloud migration can be found in the Google Cloud “Your Journey to the Cloud” report, a guide to migrating to the cloud in an optimal and cost-effective way, where aspects such as:


  • Fundamental considerations for a smooth migration
  • Questions to help you understand your existing environment
  • Suggestions for maximising the ROI of your migration
  • Examples of successful migrations from companies such as Twitter, Evernote and Etsy




In addition, you’ll find details about Google Cloud’s enterprise-grade, dedicated migration solution. Benefits include the ability to get workloads up and running in the cloud in minutes, minimise risk, eliminate manual work and lower costs. This end-to-end approach enables enterprises to migrate up to 10 times faster, regardless of their application environment.

From Luce we can help your organisation plan and execute the migration to the cloud, but also answer questions and answer the whys and wherefores. 

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