Migrating to the Cloud: 10 reasons to migrate to the Cloud

Migrating to the cloud provides an opportunity for your organisation to rethink how technology can empower your business to adapt to new customer needs and new market changes.

It is a necessary part of the digital transformation, not only involving the IT department, it is imperative to adapt all divisions of the organisation to accommodate the transformation change across the business.

During the digital transformation, the customer must focus on the need to find a balance between flexibility, security, cost and speed. The public cloud is increasingly integrated into this business imperative and concentrates a variety of strategies, ranging from hybrid cloud to multi-cloud optimisations and single clouds equipped with everything you need.


10 reasons to migrate to the Cloud

Whichever type of cloud you choose or whichever service provider you deploy it with, you will have these top 10 reasons to reconsider migrating to the cloud as one of the recommended steps to achieve digital transformation.

      1. Standardisation.It is a good way to homogenise processes and minimise disorganisation in the IT department and interaction with other areas of the company.  It broadens the overview of all processes so that decisions are made strategically. 
      2. Scalability.
        Your environments and systems will adapt to your needs and workload in specific situations and at specific times. This means that in part, you will be able to pay for what you consume and these consumptions will adapt to your processes without losing quality or guaranteeing a continuous model of work in a fluid way
      3. Security.
        Hosting your information in the cloud is much safer than on your own systems or servers. Public clouds are managed by large companies such as Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure, which provide the necessary expertise and constant updates on computer security and cyber-attacks. 
      4. Cost optimisation.
        The amount of time and the number of people who have to spend on maintenance tasks is reduced. The cloud eliminates acquisition, operation and maintenance costs, and makes many common tasks delegable to the cloud. Another advantage is that you only pay for what you use, choosing the storage capacity and even the applications you need to use. 
      5. Ability.
        With cloud migration the “time to market” is reduced, as well as the time to make changes in case of peaks in production, the contracting of more capacity is almost instantaneous and is done at the click of a button.
      6. Simplicity
        Thanks to the cloud, deployment is simplified because new communication platforms optimise remote working and the management of multiple locations.
      7. Flexibility
        Changes in the cloud can be made instantly and can be exported to other platforms or applications at no additional cost. This makes it more cost-effective as you can deploy the resources you need at any given moment depending on your needs.
      8. “Unlimited” Storage
        Associated with flexibility and scalability, in the cloud you can choose the storage capacity of your applications, data and objects needed for your business. 
      9. Backup. You will have backup copies of your main systems available and be prepared for any incident. Having a backup provides you with an extra guarantee of the integrity of your data, which can be restored at any time and from any place.
      10. Maximising business value.
        For all of the above, the cloud is infinite and so will be the possibilities for growing your business. Practical, simple and easy to adapt systems will make you focus on your business quickly and recover the time you used to spend on these tasks, so productivity will increase. In addition, because of its low cost, flexibility and high security, migration to the cloud is suitable for any type of organisation. 


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