Find out how CMOs can address technology challenges.


The 3 most common technical problems faced by marketing managers and how to overcome them


From the end of 2022, CMOs, like other C-level managers, have to be multidisciplinary, i.e. cover different subjects.


It is common to think that the CMO only has to worry about understanding customer behavior and improving the customer experience. However, within their tasks is included being responsible for anomalies or obstacles that affect conversion within digital channels.


In order to prioritize technical issues with the IT department, the CMO must assess the impact of the issue on their team, determine their fundamental need and communicate with the IT team to set clear priorities, realistic expectations and look for long-term solutions.


These are the 3 technical problems a CMO has right now:


It takes a long time for the IT team to resolve site issues, and it takes a long time for the marketing team to provide enough information for them to identify the root cause of the problem.


The following measures can be taken to solve this problem:

  • Communication should be clear, fluid and regular. To do this you can establish regular meeting schedules, use incident management and tracking tools such as JIRA, and train the team to use a common language that clearly communicates the needs of the IT team.


  • Prioritize critical incidents. By identifying anomalies you will be able to get to the solution of the problem sooner and dedicate the remaining time to continue with new tasks. For example, using A/B testing and prioritizing the calculation of the impact on the identified problem can lead to a faster solution.


  • Allocate appropriate resources: If both the marketing and IT teams are working on multiple projects, it may be useful to allocate additional resources to help resolve issues more quickly and efficiently.
    Identifying patterns and trends in the way users interact with the site helps reduce the time needed to identify the root cause of the problem, providing a clearer understanding.


Lack of means to know the economic impact of a specific failure that directly impacts business results.


There are solutions that allow you to establish a communication using a common language throughout the organization, reducing the economic impact due to loss of opportunity; and also allow you to know the real impact on your business based on strategic KPIs.

These solutions are part of what is known as CRO solutions or conversion rate optimization solutions.

Generate a global perspective ensuring a real impact on KPIs. These KPIs can be:

  • Digital customers: increase of digital customers by reducing the abandonment and rejection rate.
  • Customer engagement: Increase customer engagement for the services provided.
  • Digital sales: Increase the volume of digital sales of the target products.
  • Retention: Increase digital interaction with the customer, preventing them from opting for another bank.


Loss of customers, and therefore, of sales due to a bad user experience: slow, the user does not understand the process, etc…


There are different alternatives to solve technical problems in digital channels, such as:

  • Optimizing the website: For example, simplifying the checkout process, optimizing the design for mobile or improving the loading speed.
  • Data Analysis: By analyzing key metrics, such as bounce rate, conversions, time spent on site, it is possible to more easily identify potential problems in the buying process.
  • Testing and continuous improvement: Through the use of A/B testing and the use of the results of this type of testing in order to make continuous improvements to the website and increase conversions.
  • Use of social networks: In order to increase sales on digital channels. Paid ads and organic posts can be used to reach your target audience and generate traffic to your website.

In this article we have tried to compile the 3 most frequent technical problems that digital marketing managers have today. Once these issues are fixed, visitors are more likely to find the information they need and convert, which can reduce the number of incidents and improve the effectiveness of the marketing team by providing the necessary information to the IT team.

Overcoming these challenges can help you achieve your marketing objectives and therefore your organization’s overall goals and increase profits.


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