Data, the most valuable and unknown resource in organizations

How to maximize the value of data in organizations

Can you imagine an oil company without a standardized refining procedure? This is what happens to many organizations with data management, they are not aware of the value and benefit that the correct use of data can bring them. The value of data is such that businesses are created around it; Airbnb, manages the largest number of rentals without having a bed or Just Eat, the largest network of restaurants without having a restaurant.  Data is the oil of the 21st century and that is why it is essential for any organization to have a good strategy around data, its exploitation and management.


Where to begin?

First of all, it is necessary to have a data office that defines and standardizes data governance. The key to success is that this office is empowered from the management, in order to create new processes that must be applied by all members of the organization.

At Luce IT we help organizations to define the governance model that best fits their structure, from the matrix of roles and responsibilities, Taxonomy, definition of masters, Business Glossary, to the data quality processes. Translated into real data from our clients we have implemented models with 80% accuracy classifying 100% of the data.


I already have my data model, is it enough?

No, it is necessary to have a scalable and robust infrastructure that supports the data life cycle and allows the organization to process it in an agile way to obtain valuable information, providing new knowledge to its users.

Luce IT’s own data platform solution keeps the information centralized in a Data Lake to govern and use the data stored by the organizations and obtain all its potential and value.

From this platform it is possible to access, govern and exploit the data, and even other applications or technologies can be installed, making this solution totally flexible, scalable and configurable.

The platform unites information, data and applications from various sources and allows the creation of an intelligent ecosystem that justifies data-driven decision making.

This solution can be created in the cloud, public or private, or on-premise.



And how did the data develope?

With the data platform, the flow of new use cases simplifies the time-to-market by 70% as it has been optimized for the activation of the following use cases::

  • Business Intelligence: It allows to activate the data in any BI platform without the need to apply processing in the visualization tool. It also gives greater freedom of decision to organizations if they decide to migrate the tool since all the business logic is worked on the data platform.


  • IA Models: An ideal environment is created for Data Scientists where they can generate and analyze datasets without affecting the raw data or altering the performance of operational systems by creating new Artificial Intelligence models.


  • Data Sharing: The data is available in multiple formats so that any target source or external information system can consume the data in a secure and controlled manner without the need for unnecessary replication and with optimized response times.




Do you want to maximize the value of data in your organization?
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