Empower your business with Data BI and make strategic decisions

Organizations often fail to get the information they need at the time they need it in order to enhance the business. The generation of reports is too manual, mixing data and files in slow and not always homogeneous processes. That is why it is essential to have Data BI tools that generate accurate data in real time, in a structured and orderly manner to detect growth opportunities.

Business Intelligence or Data BI is one of the most important technologies to know the performance of your business based on real data; identifying trends, detecting opportunities and making data-driven business decisions.

If you also want to make strategic decisions based on data, keep reading this blog where you will find all the information to take your organization to the next level :

                                            Data BI enables companies to make informed and fast decisions

Beneficios de usar la metodología data BI en tu negocio

1 – Data application: Collect, store, process and analyze data in order to obtain relevant information and make informed decisions. The data collected are stored in an appropriate system that guarantees their integrity and accessibility. They are processed and subjected to different analysis techniques, statistical analysis or machine learning, in order to discover patterns and trends in the company.


2- Integrated Analysis: Data integration is the process of combining and consolidating data from different sources into a single coherent system. This involves extracting, transforming and loading data from various sources, such as databases, flat files or web applications, into a centralized repository. By consolidating data in one place, duplication and inconsistency of data is reduced, improving the quality and reliability of information.


3-Visualization: Data visualization involves presenting data in a graphical and understandable way to facilitate interpretation and analysis. Using graphs, charts, tables, infographics and other visual elements, data visualization helps to identify patterns, trends and relationships between variables. In addition, data visualization can facilitate the identification of areas for improvement, decision making.


4- Integration :Data integration is the process of combining and unifying data from different sources into a coherent, centralized system. It involves extracting data from various sources, transforming them to be compatible and loading them into a common repository.

Just a few examples of how BI technology can be used in specific ways in different areas

If you want to know a real case of how a data BI solution, such as Domo, was implemented in a customer, you can watch the live interview of the event. “Transform your business through data” interview with – Daniel Martín Ruano (COO PuroEGO)

Impressive PuroEGO data management thanks to our Domo integration by Luce IT

   Impressive  PuroEGO data management thanks to our Domo integration by Luce IT 

PuroEGO achieved among other benefits:

  • Access information faster than before, achieving a 35% improvement in access to data information.
  • Better control the turnover of your goods in real time and be able to make more agile and effective decisions
  • 10% annual increase in margin
  • 7% reduction in surplus compared to the previous year.


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