7 Secrets of the Data-Driven CMO

Want to know the secrets that will help you extract more value and profitability from your data? 

LThe most advanced marketing directors know how to extract stories from data, analyse performance and implement changes that affect business results, delivering inspiring and original digital marketing campaigns that lead them to achieve their desired goals. 

New tools make data analysis accessible and easy, even for the most tech-shy or technologically laggard CMOs. Often, it’s more urgent to launch a campaign than to sift through incomprehensible graphs or endless pivot tables. However, the real value is generated by using solutions that lead to intelligent, data-driven decision making, with instant insight into your customers’ tastes, so you can better “target” your campaigns.

If you want to see what these secrets are, don’t hesitate to consult the complete guide, provided by our partner DOMO, which shows you the secrets that will help you extract more value and performance from your data. 

The 7 secrets in this report will help you get more value and more revenue from the data your organisation currently has.
Among other things, it contains the following information:


  • How to manage by exception and engage only in the metrics that matter.
  • How to back up every decision with data.
  • The importance of relying on your team to manage details, so you can save your time for anomalies.
  • How to measure the “unmeasurable” elements of marketing, like engagement, buyer attitude, and branding.


 Are You a Data-Driven CMO?

Whether you’re thinking about starting to make data-driven decisions, or you’re already doing it, but you’re not sure if you’re doing it right, Luce has the specialist team to help your organisation generate value by supporting data-driven business decisions, thanks to tools like DOMO, which brings all your data together in a single, dynamic dashboard, so you know how to better analyse and serve your customers based on your data.



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