How to improve your Search Ads investment?

Optimise and automate your investment in search ads to achieve a higher ROI by generating conversions for the lowest cost.


Without a doubt, publishing online advertisements exponentially increases the traffic on our website. However, the increase in the number of impressions and clicks on our ads is not always accompanied by an increase in qualified leads, or an investment that generates the optimal return.

For large organisations that manage a large number of campaigns, ad groups and keywords, Luce has created a specific solution to automatically optimise the investment in Search Ads:  Smart Concordance Management o SCM


How does SCM work?

Smart Concordance Management (SCM), is a cognitive automation solution that minimises investment in Search Ads by ensuring that there is no auto-inflation due to account configuration problems, and by shifting as many clicks as possible to the lowest cost match, while maintaining impression levels and qualification of the traffic captured.

The automation of the tasks of capturing and processing the information, as well as the configuration of the accounts, optimises the operations of the marketing team, which can focus on tasks of greater added value. SCM allows:

  • Automate manual tasks to focus on strategy and business impact.
  • Systematic application of existing business know-how and that inferred by algorithms to optimisation, reducing auto-inflation between campaigns.
  • Increase the agility of actions to improve campaign performance.


Want to calculate your SEM savings??
If you’re wondering whether your Ads spend can be improved, enter the data into the calculator, and we’ll send you a personalised, no-obligation report on how much you can make your budget more efficient by eliminating manualities and reorganising your setup.


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