Service Platform by Luce

The reason for the change to a service delivery platform.


Currently many businesses find themselves with an obsolete or too rigid architecture that makes it difficult to evolvetowards resilient environments and that are compatible with new technologies. The“cloud”is thought of as the perfect solution to these problems, but without the right expertise or working methodology, it is very likely that not only will the needs not be met, but costs and uncertainty will increase.

Our value proposition is to solve this technological challenge, common in large companies with the Services Platform by Luce: solution that is based on the design and creation of a base architecture that will serve to implement the use case that will drive the definition of the project being scalable for future developments.


What is the Service Platform by Luce?

Plataforma de servicios by Luce

The service-platform is a Luce’s own solutionthat is capable of interacting and interconnecting an organization’s current systems, such as ERPs or CRMs to make information available between new developments generating efficiencies and synergies between all systems.


A differential part of the services platform is that in addition to having the information available at any time, it is also capable of generating business data from the different sources of information that an organization may have, both those exposed to customers and internal to the organization itself, such as from the web, landings, APIs, file readings, etc.


What is the purpose of the Service Platform?

The function of the Service Platform is to implement the use case that will drive the project definitionand establish the base architecturefor future developments in a scalable and maintainable manner. 

The Luce team’s concern for questioning the established orderin this type of technological solutions, has led us to build this platform that has a technological and methodological base, but adapts to each client, ensuring the knowledge and success of the project.


What is the structure of the Service Platform? 

The design of the technological components that make up the Services Platformmake it scalable, flexible and adaptable to each client’s needs. 

On the one hand there are a series of mandatory modulesthat represent the “Core” of the platform and without which a correct operation of the platform would not be possible. Some of the mandatory modules are Authentication, Backend, API management, connection and capture of operational data, observability and monitoring.


But also, you can choose the optional modules, fully configurable depending on the use case chosen by the customer, such as Streaming Platform, batch services, integration with Data Lake or integration with DevSecOps, among others.

This configuration is tailored to each customer allowing to adapt to the specific use case and always with the guarantee of scalability according to business needs.

What are the features of the Services platform?

  • Integration with in-house development operations or third-party solutions such as CRMs or ERPs, without the need to create custom adaptations.
  • Availability of information at any time between new developments and/or external services.
  • Generation of business data from different information inputs.
  • Transfer of data suitable for sharing via API or Streaming Platform. 
  • Hosting in a public cloud or on premise infrastructure.


  • More features…
    • Real 24×7 scalability.
    • Reduction of technical complexity of interconnection and interoperability.
    • Flexibility in third-party integration.
    • Acceleration of knowledge in new technologies and new architectures.
    • Architecture cost reduction.
    • Faster production processes



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