Get a more agile, reliable, secure Infrastructure: DevSecOps

When security is integrated into the DevOps approach, organisations can increase the speed and frequency of releases or projects without compromising control mechanisms or increasing risk. But …. what is DevSecOps?



DevSecOps is a principle that leading digital companies have already adopted. It is based on integrating development, security, infrastructure and operations at every stage of a project’s lifecycle.

This enables teams to resolve and address security issues faster and more effectively, making organisations more agile and their digital products/services more reliable and secure.

All security, reliability and compliance measures taken are integrated into each agile sprint rather than being handled separately or left to the end of the development process.


What are the main differences between the two approaches?

DevOps DevSecOps
  • Faster speed
  • Focused on streamlining deployments 
  • Equipment Automation
  • Lower cost
  • Continuous security monitoring
  • Reduced concerns



Luce seamlessly integrates all the tools to provide a complete solution that:

  • Detects vulnerabilities continuously.
  • Global solution for development, quality control and security teams.
  • No false positives
  • Detection of third-party vulnerabilities
  • Seamlessly integrated into the DevSecOps toolchain


Proper integration of security into day-to-day compliance work by integrating proactive security controls into repositories and shared source code services, improving telemetry to better enable discovery and recovery, and protecting the deployment pipeline will achieve change management objectives.

By codifying these practices, adoption of DevOps practices is accelerated, increasing the success of DevOps initiatives and reducing the activation energy required for DevOps transformations.

Instead of injecting security into our product at the end of the process, we will create and integrate security controls into the day-to-day work of Development and Operations, so that security is part of everyone’s job every day. Ideally, much of this work will be automated and included in our implementation pipeline.

In addition, augment manual practices, acceptances and approval processes with automated controls, relying less on controls such as segregation of duties and change approval processes.

By automating these activities, we can generate evidence on demand to demonstrate that our controls are working effectively, whether for auditors, assessors or anyone else working in our value stream. In the end, we will not only improve security, but also create processes that are easier to audit and certify the effectiveness of controls, in support of compliance with regulatory and contractual obligations.



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