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Brain 4.0, Smart Predictive Maintenance

The Brain 4.0 project is a project co-financed by the EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND of the EUROPEAN UNION through the Agency for Innovation, Financing and Business Internationalisation of Castilla y León (ICE). The objective of this project is to create a system for predicting the failure of machines in the aerospace sector.

Specifically, a product has been developed, based on the use of artificial intelligence techniques, which makes it possible to predict in good time when the machines used in the manufacture of aerostructures will break down and prevent them from continuing production. The solution makes it possible to avoid machine downtime by increasing the time the machine is available, in other words, to have more time to produce.

The solution is particularly applicable to the improvement of the production of structural carbon fibre parts for the aeronautical sector.

The Brain 4.0 solution has been integrated in the commercial tool of luce


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