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Event LuceCEM: The optimization of the Customer Journey as a pillar of the digital strategy

La Torre de Cristal of Madrid hosted last March 23rd the event on Customer Experience organized by LuceCEM, business area of Luce Innovative Technologies focused on customer experience. This is the third edition organized by Luce IT (Advanced IBM Business Partner).
The moderation was in charge of the Deputy General Manager of Luce IT, Evelyn Weiss, having as speakers Pablo de Echanove (eCommerce & Business Development Manager at Woox Innovations for Philips Electronica) and Javier Ildefonso (Investor and Associate Professor at IE Business School).

More than 20 professionals from major companies in the field of eCommerce, Customer Experience, online marketing and technology attended the event. The attendees, both national and international, belonged to diverse sectors such as Insurance, Banking, Retail, Distribution, Logistics, Utilities and Travel.

The need to improve the customer experience was central to the reflections, especially when considering what is known as the “collaborative economy”. Among the examples of companies considered as collaborative economy are those such as Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, etc., in which, according to data from the Vision Critical report “Sharing is the new buying” and published by Forbes, 91% of their clients recommend the service to friends and acquaintances. This support from customers is far superior to that of the big brands, even those with especially differentiated products.

The customer experience is fundamental, the quality of the experience offered translates into confidence on the part of the customers, which is a great differential value for the brands. These companies encourage a more intimate relationship with customers, making their decisions based on the information obtained through customer experience and internal quality controls. Taking the case of Airbnb as an example, the consistency and simplicity of the experience is the way to make customers’ lives easier, freeing them from obstacles and difficulties.

Only 25% of professionals think that the customer experience improvement programs implemented by their companies really work, according to data provided by Forrester. From this data we can conclude that the key point in customer loyalty is in anticipating their needs and not in more content, training or self-service tools that are implemented when a problem is encountered. The ideal is to provide customers with what they need without them having to ask for it. This means a 360º view of the Custumer Journey, being proactive, detecting obstacles in advance in order to cover the needs of the clients.

The different points of the Customer Journey and the importance of Omnicanality were analyzed during the session, considering IBM Tealeaf as a necessary tool to get a complete vision of what happens to customers in digital channels. This knowledge of the customers is the basis for detecting possible problems and therefore being able to prioritize the areas that require improvement.


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