ITACYL starts automating its processes with Bots

The Agricultural Technology Institute of Castilla y León, ITACYL, introduces with this automation project, for which Luce Innovative Technologies was awarded the contract, the technology of software robots in its processes, in order to speed up the management of the updating of the SIGPAC data in Castilla y León.

ITACYL needs to communicate daily with the Geographic Information System of Agricultural Plots, SIGPAC, which depends on the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

For the Institute, this meant overcoming a technological challenge in two important areas: firstly, the connection and exchange of data; both organisations had very different data management tools, which made it difficult to transfer this information.
As a consequence of this complexity in data exchange, tasks were time-consuming, taking hours from the time data was sent from one system to the other until the information was processed. In addition, this process could be further complicated if the system detected an error, which restarted the process at the initial stage.


On the other hand, at the human and organisational level, ITACYL technicians were performing routine and mechanical tasks, not very strategic. In fact, most of the time they could not see what the error was until the following day, given the time it took to exchange data from one system to another.



If you want to know the results obtained by ITACYL, when implementing the automation solution by Luce Innovative Technologies, do not hesitate to see the complete success story.



The Agricultural Technology Institute of Castilla y León, ITACYL, is the gateway to the basic technological areas of the agricultural and agri-food sectors in Castilla y León, such as applied research and infrastructure development. The Institute also works for the promotion of agri-food products from Castilla y León in close collaboration with the different operators and entities.

In order to carry out more far-reaching programmes, and with a view to improving the competitiveness of Castile and Leon’s strategic agricultural and agri-food sectors and their processing industries, the Castile and Leon Institute of Agricultural Technology was created, attached to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of the Regional Government of Castile and Leon.

The Institute’s mission is to promote the development of Castile and Leon’s agricultural and agri-food innovation capacity and to ensure that investment in its activities continues to bring benefits to citizens.

The Institute’s Plans are designed to further implement agricultural research and innovation, to develop satellite-based technologies and services, and to promote the agri-food industry at regional level.




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