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Javier Durán participates in Grupo Norte’s Canal Innova

On December 1st, the launch of the Innova Channel took place, an idea of GRUPO NORTE that aims to be the platform to share successful experiences focused on continuous improvement, creativity, innovation and process improvements among others.

The master of ceremonies for this opening day was Pedro Piqueras. Javier Durán, LUCE’s CEO, participated in the Experts’ Table “The development of companies in innovative environments” telling his experience and opinion of how technology is key when it comes to innovation together with David Herguedas, HR Director at the pharmaceutical company GADEA and César Ruiz, General Director of Development at GRUPO NORTE; generating an interesting debate between them.

This idea of GRUPO NORTE highlights the importance of innovation in the day-to-day running of companies and how it has to be transferred to the way they work, providing the customer with a differential value.

For LUCE it is a pleasure to have been able to participate in this conference and we are convinced that the success of day 1 will be long lasting.



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