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Luce participates in the Aeronet project together with Alestis, Airbus DS and the Hélice foundation.

Tomorrow, 30 October, the most ambitious supply chain integration project in the Spanish aeronautical industry in recent years will be presented at Aeropolis, Seville: ASIC-AeroNet.  The platform that integrates the value chain of the aeronautical sector, becoming an international reference.

AeroNet responds to the “Supply Chain Integration Model” required by the “Extended Company” philosophy, chosen by the Aerospace Sector as the only one capable of responding to the complex environment in which it operates.

The ASIC Portal is an AeroNet development, as an online tool for ALESTIS Aerospace’s communication with its supply chain.

In this project, LUCE has worked together with Fundación Hélice, ALESTIS and AIRBUS DS, creating the solution emerged from the aeronautical industry itself: adapted to its needs and with its specific requirements.
From LUCE we are very proud of participating in ASIC-AeroNet and of its later implementation in other companies, contributing to the development of the aeronautical industry creating a differential value in the whole chain of suppliers.

This is the first step of a long road that we will travel together.  Thank you for trusting us. 




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