Luce Innovative Technologies (Luce IT) signs partnership agreement with Google

The Valladolid-based technology company will be able to sell, customise and support the Premier version of Google Apps for customers of any size and activity.

The technology company, based in Valladolid, will be able to sell, customise and support the Premier version of Google Apps for customers of any size and activity.

Luceit Press- 24/10/2012

After passing a process to check the knowledge and experience of the LUCE IT technicians who will provide support to end customers, Google has recognised this company from Castilla y León as an authorised partner to be able to supply Google Apps for Business and offer professional services to customers, helping them with the implementation and migration.

Google Apps for Business is an efficient suite of online tools including personalised email, calendaring, documents and online storage. It is suitable for businesses of any size as it is hosted on Google’s infrastructure. This infrastructure is secure, efficient, scalable and robust, requires no user maintenance and reduces IT costs. This platform can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection and browser: desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles, etc


There are already more than 4 million companies using Google Apps for Business, since it allows:

1.- Be productive anywhere, with access to your data on any device:

  • Access both online and offline
  • Synchronisation across all devices

2.- Work more efficiently with employees, suppliers and customers, from different locations

  • Editing a document with multiple people and viewing changes in real time
  • Video chat integrated into your e-mail

3.- Start using the programme easily, because neither you, nor the IT team need to be experts


  • Easy-to-use applications
  • 24-hour customer support every day of the week
  • Monthly invoicing with no monthly invoices
  • Monthly billing without the need for a contract

With this new certification, LUCEIT takes a step forward in its consolidation process as a leading technology company in the sector in Castilla y León, committed to innovation and recognised, both in the private and public sector in Spain, as a creator of high quality technological solutions and added value, aiming to meet the requirements of the new economy.

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