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LuceCEM in TVE’s Zoom Net program

We recall RTVE’s Zoom Net programme and its review of future trends in the field of computing, highlighting mobility, cloud data, intelligent solutions and security.

The program highlighted the participation of LuceCEM, the business unit of Luce IT focused on optimizing the user experience in different digital channels, in the IBM Start015 event held on November 19, where the success case of Casa del Libro was presented.

Evelyn Weiss, deputy director of Luce IT, explains in the interview how the team of LuceCEM has applied technologies of analysis of the information generated by the clients (IBM Tealeaf) to optimize the digital channels, contributing to evolve a traditional library into a successful business 2.0.

Evelyn Weiss, deputy director of Luce IT explains how they have used the IBM Tealeaf platform for

The interview can be seen in the following video:

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