Luce’s Commitment to Organisational Excellence: Project Athena

The Atenea project incorporates the latest in technological project management.
Luce will reorganise the company’s internal knowledge and developments in pursuit of organisational excellence.

Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, strategy and war, has been chosen to give her name to our new technology project management model


Luce is a company that is essentially organisationally flexible in order to adapt to new technologies and business models, which is why this project arose at the end of 2020 when it detected an opportunity for improvement, its objective being the industrialisation of the production process to mark excellence in the sector of consultancy firms that carry out strategic projects in the areas of Software development, Big Data, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Cloud and Intelligent Automation.


“The real added value in this proposal is the company itself, a niche company focused on excellence and commitment to customers.”


We seek to maintain a centralised knowledge strategy, creating chapter leads, leaders who must ensure the technological coherence of each of their chapters, and are responsible for the evolution, training, technical documentation and technology of each chapter.

The chapters will coordinate in the technology strategy office to deliver the best solution to our clients from all key perspectives of the project/s. 

The Athena project will also optimise and automate pipelines to eliminate manual processes and inefficient production environments, and enable the team to reuse components to achieve a reduction in time that can be reused to efficiently manage their tasks. 

In our “agile” per client we ensure confidentiality and knowledge of the client to personalise the service. Confidentiality and data protection is a very important point for our services, which is why Luce is ISO 27001 certified.


This new knowledge management which is already being implemented at Luce, includes the standardisation of documentation, training and onboarding processes. 


With the Atenea project, Luce will improve project efficiency by more than 30%, with the client being the main beneficiary by ensuring the success of the project at the level of business objectives, at the level of technological scalability, of quality and at speed and costs.


Luce is a sustainable company over time, which since its creation, including the initial year of COVID 2020, has grown in turnover, EBITDA and cash every year. Financially audited and with the main ISOs for security, software development and quality, we are a stable company at shareholder level, with no need for external financing in the long or short term.


At LUCE we team with our clients to help them build their competitive advantage. A competitive advantage built on their ecosystem, increasing the value of the client’s own teams with a business-first approach.

Since 2008, LUCE has been helping in the digital transformation of its clients, in the areas of software development, Big Data, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Cloud and Intelligent Automation.

We make the objectives of each client our own, we commit to them and they form an active part of our team specialised in the best solutions that automate and accelerate the digital transformation of value. 50% of IBEX35 companies already trust us because we bring technology, value, ideas, commitment and honesty.



The true value of LUCE is the committed team that is generated between our clients and us.

We are a team with the strength to conquer the future!

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