OEE Pro: the heart of the industry 4.0

Much has been said about the concept of industry 4.0 or Smart Factory, more named as a concept or as a future trend; but it is something that we already have in hand and that has changed the concept of factory that existed until a few years ago.
Last Friday, the McKinsey consulting firm published one of its articles entitled Manufacturing’s Next Act, in which it showed the pillars of the industry 4.0 concept and its different applications.  Analyzing each one of them, they all have a very clear common base: measurement.

Nothing in industry 4.0 can work properly without a real measurement: but not from what the operator’s parts say,… the real measurement of the added value of what the machines or robots do is needed. Without that any calculation you want to make to improve the utilization of the machines, optimize the operations, improve the maintenance… will be false and will not have a reflection in KPIs like OEE, MTBF, MTTR, technical availability, etc.
What is the only system that really measures value-added time? oee pro the system implemented at Airbus Illescas – the largest composite plant in the world. – which has achieved results such as: 20% reduction of lead time, 3% reduction of total product cost, 1.5% reduction of factory tariff.
McKinsey talks about several trends that are the essence of oee pro
1)  Big Data: a system captures, analyzes and searches the relationships between the variables of the machine, the environment and the operators in such a way that it allows you to discover where you are losing money: environment? machine? operator?
2) Advanced Analytics: more than 50 different machine signals, tool changes, consumables, … and have all the information you really need from the point of view of production. That’s oee pro!
3) Human-machine interface: a key element to make the operator feel at ease and be proactive. Tested and validated by the world’s largest composite plant.

oee pro is the heart of the factory