OEE Pro: opening market in US


Last week an aerospace Spanish delegation went to the US to know and discover the aerospace sector in three different States:  Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

From 6th to 10th October eight companies, we were in States in a Trade Mission organized by Extenda – Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia- in collaboration to Hélice (Andalusian Aerospace Cluster). We visited some of the most important companies such: Beechcraft (Textron Group), American Airlines, Bell Helicopters, Tect Aerospace among others.

It was a very intense week, but we learned a lot of about the sector in the States, companies, people,…

We discover that oee pro fits perfectly with american needs in shopfloor: increase profitability,  improve customer satisfaction,… we are sure that oee pro will nest in United States 🙂

We felt as home!! Thanks a lot all people who hosting us in their companies; tours was really interesting.

All the companies who were there: Alestis, Airgrup, Inespasa, CESA, Fada-Catec, Clúster Helice,… thanks a lot: we know no only companies, we have made friends.

We also are grateful to Jordi Boada and Extenda to close an extraordinary agenda for all the week.

Thanks a lot for this week. We must repeat it!!!