Flexible remote work for a better work-life balance

Luce was one of the first companies in Castilla y León to implement teleworking before mandatory confinement was imposed in Spain.

Our great ability to adapt to new situations, plus the team’s knowledge of how to deploy the same functionalities that we had in remote mode, allowed us to continue with our activity without too many inconveniences and with great results.

So much so, that today we are still committed to telecommuting as a measure of settlement between work and personal life. This allows us to continue in the constant search for innovation and the achievement of new challenges, in which we can contribute all our knowledge and experience, generating value for the whole team by reducing the personal stress involved in the pandemic.


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When we started teleworking with the first signs of what later became a pandemic, it was not only out of responsibility to the people who are part of Luce, but also to their families and to society.

At all times, our physical offices have remained open, available and operational, allowing all colleagues to enjoy full flexibility in whether or not to physically come to the office.

Luce is part of 16% of companies in Castilla y León that opt for teleworking, and Radio TV CyL wanted to know more about us in this report to our Human Resources Director, Nuria Rodríguez:


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Being a technology company and not a service company has given us a great advantage in this new situation, but the most important thing is the great capacity of adaptation of all the team, which has always been willing to collaborate in work methodologies and new routines in which we have all participated as a team, and that has been the key to adapting to the new way of working without reducing productivity or the good atmosphere and camaraderie that characterizes Luce.


Passion for technological challenges

“We believe that technology and data could change the world”

The history of Luce is a story of challenges and nonconformity, always solving value challenges using technology and data to accelerate digital transformation in society through our clients.

We have a unique way of doing consulting and projects within a collegial environment creating “Flow” between learning, innovation and proactive project execution.

In Luce we will be the best offering multidisciplinary technological knowledge, through our chapters, generating value in each iteration with our clients, delivering quality and offering capacity and scalability so they can grow with us.



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