Internationalization of Luce Innovative Technologies in Mexico 

Luce lands in Mexico with its own structure, together with customers such as BBVA and partners such as Automation Anywhere.

Encouraged by the favorable perspectives and experiences in the Mexican market, with specialization in the financial sector, working with references such as BBVA, the decision was taken to establish in Mexico the basis for the development of Luce IT business in Latin America.
The favorable results of experiences with clients over the years in other countries of the American continent such as the United States, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile among others, led Luce to create its own team in Mexico.
This team is composed of technical and business development profiles with knowledge and culture of the Mexican local market. Luce IT wants to put in value all the expertise of its team to contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the Mexican business network. Thus, to face the challenges of the current globalized market we have digital transformation and process automation tools based on cloud systems, big data, machine learning, and all this with the purpose of improving the customer experience.

And how do we do that?

Incorporating technology, artificial intelligence and expertise that manage to automate the interaction with the final customer increasing the operational margin. Thanks to struggles detection systems and artificial intelligence assets that allow to obtain a 360º vision of the client and to predict the result of the possible actions.
This technology and artificial intelligence is encapsulated on the main clouds (Google Cloud and Azure) using the latest DevOps technologies that reduce time and increase process performance.
Among Luce’s strategic partners are Microsoft, Google, IBM, Automation Anywhere, Red Hat, Acoustic, Tealium and Glassbox, among others.