Luce, excellent at Customer Experience

Luce achieves an average customer satisfaction rate of 9!

One of the priorities for the year 2020 at Luce was to bring the excellence of our customers to the highest point of satisfaction.
Among other actions, we launched quality surveys to our customers to find out their overall opinion of Luce. So far, nothing new, right? We are all pretty saturated with receiving surveys and surveys. But our customers are different.

The average and median score of the surveys was 9.

Luce is proud that customers, whom we consider part of our team, have taken the time to respond to our survey, and with a WOW effect: 


As we already mentioned in the article on the 2021 Strategic Plan, Luce is committed to its clients to such an extent that to the questions, Would you work with LUCE again on future projects, Would you recommend LUCE to other organisations? the average score from our clients was again an outstanding 9.  

The response rate is around 50% and the answers reflect interesting data such as, for example, almost 100% of those surveyed consider us to be a flexible team that manages to adapt to the demands, incidents and changes in the clients, ensuring that when difficulties have arisen we have been very capable of overcoming them together and in the shortest possible time..

In addition, more than half of those surveyed consider us to be more than just a supplier, but go further in their consideration of us as partners and collaborators to accompany them on their digital transformation roadmap.


As good analysts, we love data, but we do not ignore the questions that contain qualitative answers of great value, as they provide us with knowledge and information about the current and future situation of their organisations and joint projects, but above all they provide us with actions for improvement. In the future, our mission is to ensure that this grade is not an “A” but an “A+”.


At Luce, as digital changemakers in organisations, we are building a new way of consulting that accelerates the digital transformation of value for our clients while we build innovative automation solutions to drive change.


About Luce

What do we do? Luce is a company with extensive experience in successfully implementing projects of transformation to data-led business models and user-centered through the use of innovative technologies, usable and responsible. If you are thinking of embarking on a new digital project and want to maximize your guarantees of success do not hesitate to contact us without any commitment.