Luce Innovative Technologies is 12 years old!

Today we are celebrating 12 years of offering innovative technology to create intelligent and cutting-edge businesses, and all this with a team that keeps growing in number and quality.

Officially Luce Innovative Technologies was born on December 1, 2008, although its origins go back years before, where a group of researchers started in the exciting world of technological innovation.

Javier Durán de Jesús, CEO and founder of Luce Innovative Technologies, tells us about the evolution of the company:

How is Luce Innovative Technologies created?

In 2008, Luce was created as a spin-off from the University of Valladolid.  It is a modern model that has been much more accepted in the USA than in Spain, but which in Luce has also led to unquestionable success.
Later, the University of Valladolid was bought all the capital it had contributed, and Luce Innovative Technologies became a totally private company.


How have the different business units of Luce evolved?  

The main business was software development, today our range of products and services has been extended keeping the software development, of course, but including other technologies, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, RPA, Digital Marketing tools, and even these last years developing our own Assets.

In short, in Luce we try to use technologies that are on the crest of the wave, using the latest technologies that are accompanied by Innovation processes.

The key to Luce was and is to use the latest type of technology.

This has been the key to achieving differentiation, applying innovative technologies that provide competitive advantages for our clients: if processes go faster and more precisely, it will generate much more business for our customers. 

But the real value of Luce is in the people, in its team. Where we can go is up to us. We are the ones who are making and discovering our way.

What needs did it fulfill when it was formed? And now?

Our name says it all: LUCE INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES, a very innovative and cutting-edge technology that manages to increase the clients’ business and improve internal processes.

In Luce we want to be the company that our clients select to accompany them in their digital transformation in the areas of technology, data and automation.

In all these years, our values have not changed, from the first minute they are still the same:

  • Speed: Agile processes and repository of Assets.
  • Automating knowledge
  • Obsession with what our clients want
  • Constant innovation
  • Loyalty to Luce’s origins
  • We enjoy working with our colleagues


Our internal structure is flexible, a matrix structure, which allows us to adapt and be flexible in order to organize ourselves internally and offer the best service to our clients and our staff are as comfortable as possible working.

Internally we are in a constant learning process trying to get the most out of production and technology management techniques, such as agile or devops.


Luce siempre se ha focalizado en algo que fuera muy rompedor, y en las tecnologías más modernas, capaces de abordar grandes proyectos. Y para ello, hemos utilizamos las herramientas más vanguardistas, pero nosotros queríamos y queremos seguir trabajando con ese tipo de herramientas porque son las más potentes, y de las que más vamos a aprender. 

Luce has always focused on something that was very groundbreaking, and on the most modern technologies, capable of tackling big projects. And to do so, we have used the most avant-garde tools, but we wanted and want to continue working with these types of tools because they are the most powerful, and from which we are going to learn the most.

How has the business vision evolved?  and that of the Human Team?

The company has been maturing along with its people: we know more at a technical level, more about business, we have incorporated people with knowledge, … and this has been reflected in the structures of the organization.

The development and evolution of the team and the business are linked to the league where we are, competing in the first division. This has been thanks to the maturity of the company, and the work of many years increasing the knowledge, capacities, technological and business expertise, management and methodology of the organization, and this, little by little, has led us to adapt the structure.


How has Luce evolved in projects and equipment during the pandemic?

Luckily Luce has a portfolio of clients in different sectors, some have been affected more than others. We are a technology company and we apply new technologies, and one of the needs during the pandemic, has been automation, digital sales, data, Big Data … With the arrival of the pandemic what has happened is that the COVID has advanced the digital transformation a few years: people who were never going to enter to buy over the Internet, suddenly, with the arrival of the pandemic, have bought online during the lockdown, and now continue to do so.

Luce’s technologies go right to the heart of the digital transformation: technology, architecture, development, engineering, data and business.

In the pandemic this has grown, giving Luce the strength to continue on this path. 

As far as the team is concerned, thanks to the way we work and the fantastic team of people that Luce forms, we have been able to continue our work remotely as “normally” as possible. Our team has adapted very well to teleworking, and we do everything possible to continue to maintain an atmosphere as close as possible to face-to-face work.


What are the forecasts for next year?

Our plan for the coming year is to continue with the innovation and flexibility that characterizes us, and with our principles. To continue in the effort to create solutions, services and products that are easier to implement and that improve our clients’ bottom line, either because they sell more, or because of automation, or because they are more efficient.

In other words, in Luce we will continue working on innovation, technologies and improving the experience of our clients, without forgetting to increase the technological capacities of our team, in order to offer services of great added value.


Javier Durán
CEO Luce Innovative Technologies