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Moving towards a Data Driven organisation

Voldis changes its data culture towards a Data Driven organisation thanks to Microsoft’s Power BI tool and the implementation of Luce IT to manage data in an agile way for more accurate business conclusions and accelerate the achievement of its objectives.
Voldis is able to reduce the time to report by creating an architecture capable of supporting the increased demand for data.


Voldis needed to handle data in an agile way in order to business outcomes and accelerate the achievement of its objectives.


Luce IT presents Voldis with a new vision of data governance by creating a data-driven digital and cultural transformation environment.


Robust and scalable data architecture, reducing reporting time for clearer business insight.

A successful team


Data Driven Organization

Business Intelligence

Data-driven decisions


Digital Strategy and Roadmap

Data Driven Organization

Since 2019, Luce IT has introduced a new perspective on data management for Voldis, generating an environment of cultural and digital change based on information.


The initiative started with the design and implementation of “Data driven” Business Intelligence (BI) reports using Power BI, providing a holistic view of visualisation best practices tailored to all stakeholders.


Today, a robust and scalable architecture for data is being built, facilitating agile and flexible input, processing and exploitation of information. This covers a variety of future use cases.

Our customers say:

"Thanks to Luce IT and Microsoft

we have created a data-centric ecosystem that enables us to meet the business needs for information consumption.”

"With the insight provided by Luce IT,

we gain much more from the data, making our day-to-day life much more efficient.”

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