In this section you will find all kinds of resources that Luce Innovative Technologies can provide you with.

Exclusive reports and use cases made by our specialized team as well as other resources of technological solutions from our partners:

Our resources:

Hyper Personalization

Challenges and Keys to Multichannel Hyper-personalization

Report prepared by our specialized team on the challenges and keys of hyperpersonalization, and how to use this to improve your customers’ experience, optimize Digital Marketing investments and increase sales.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Report prepared entirely by the LUCE team

Luce’s main strengths is Analytics, Big Data and AI for eCommerce and Digital Marketing. This report explains some of our optimization keys, to improve your digital channel optimization strategy and how to increase your online sales.


Partners resources:

RPAIntelligent Automation
Automation Anywhere

Reducing ‘Process Waste’ in Manufacturing - Supply Chain

Manufacturers are always seeking to cut waste in production. Here’s how intelligent automation works for manufacturing supply-chain activities.

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Google Cloud Platform

The Business Value of Improved Performance and Efficiency with Google Cloud Platform

IDC study shows Google Cloud platform helps SMBs accelerate business growth with 222% return on investment

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Microsoft Azure

The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Azure - Report by Forrester

“The Total Economic Impact ™ of Microsoft Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, a Forrester study commissioned by Microsoft in October 2018.”


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