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Digital Marketing
Attribution Models by Luce 2022

White paper by the Luce team on attribution models. Find out how much each medium,channel, message or promotion have contributed to the final conversion of your customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization Asset

Detailed infographic on how to optimise your conversion rate by applying the proprietary solutions or ``Assets`` developed by the Luce Innovative Technologies team.

Hyper Personalization
Multi-channel Hyper-personalization

Report on the challenges and keys to hyperpersonalisation. Discover how to improve your customers' experience, optimise marketing investments and increase sales.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Advantages of Session Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimisation. Improve your digital channel optimisation strategy and how to increase your online sales.

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Luce participates in the Aeronet project together with Alestis, Airbus DS and the Hélice foundation.

Tomorrow, 30 October, the most ambitious supply chain integration project in the Spanish aeronautical industry in recent years will be presented at Aeropolis, Seville: ASIC-AeroNet.  The platform that integrates the value chain of the aeronautical sector, becoming an international reference.
AeroNet responds to the “Supply Chain Integration Model” required by the “Extended Company” philosophy, chosen by the Aerospace Sector as the only one capable of responding to the complex environment in which it operates….

Luce Innovative Technologies IBM Best Partner Award

On March 4, the “Best Commerce Partner” award was presented to Luce Innovative Technologies during the 2015 Leadership Summit organized by IBM. The award was collected by the CEO of Luce IT, Javier Duran de Jesus, during the event held at the Royal Spanish Academy in Madrid….

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