Your trusted technological innovation company

Your trusted technological innovation company

About Us

We create happy teams and help transform the world with our technology and data.

We are a different kind of consultancy that offers the best solution with a scalable and end2end vision. We apply the best methodology based on honesty and proactivity, to deliver value to our clients in a constant, simple and understandable way.

We are united by a passion for challenges and non-conformism that leads us to a constant search for value.

Master Plan 2023: Win the game

Your trusted technology innovation company. Creating happy teams.

Our Services

Assets Luce

  • Service Platform
  • Data Platform
  • Data Lake Express
  • Gesimo
  • Smart Concordance Management (SCM)
  • Smart Audience Management (SAM)
  • Track 2 Call
  • Personalisation RT omnichannel
  • Hyper-personalisation
  • Sale/Lead Scoring
  • Next Best Experience (NBX)
  • CRO-Struggle Detection
  • Attribution Models

Technology & Data

  • Software Development (DevSecOps)
  • Architecture (Software and Systems)
  • Maintenance Services
  • Internet of Things
  • Process Automation (RPA)
  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Governance
  • Cloud
  • Licences and Subscriptions

Digital Marketing

  • Web Analytics
  • Session Analysis
  • CRO, AB testing, Personalisation
  • Cognitive Marketing
  • Automated Hyperpersonalization
  • Mar&AdTech ecosystem solutions
  • Consultancy and Audits
  • Digital Strategy

Luce’s Differential Value

We build leading company that integrates all the essential facets for the digital transformation, integrating Technology + Business + Data + Methodology, and consolidating the know-how and experience of Luce’s team in Assets.

Digital Expertise
We are aware of the trends and technologies of digital and AI and can provide value from the beginning of the service to improve the quality of customer service, loyalty and customer experience.
Active Collaboration
We have experience in accompanying and co-creating with our clients the transformation RoadMap ensuring the success of its implementation throughout the organization in order to orient the organization towards a Data-Driven culture.
Certified Team
Our team is duly certified by and continuously trained in the latest technologies and digital applications.
We have the collaboration of a group of experts involved in the implementation of projects.
Business Orientation
We have a methodology focused on having a return on investment in a short period of time and prioritizing actions based on the organization’s data.
Extensive experience in executing End-to-End services covering Analytical, CRO, Architecture, Taxonomy, Naming Convention, Data Governance, Consulting.
Extensive experience in executing End-to-End services covering Analytical, CRO, Architecture, Taxonomy, Naming Convention, Data Governance, Consulting.

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Luce Innovative Technologies drives the digital transformation of your business

Luce is the company selected by our clients to accompany them in their digital transformation in the areas of technology, data and automation, without losing the essence of an innovative, specialized and committed team.

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