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How to improve the customer experience in digital channels?

Any user who suffers an inadequate experience in an online channel when they want to purchase a product or request a service, will frustrate their objective, will not make that purchase at that moment, and is very likely to reduce the possibility of repetition when making a future visit to the website or App.
In fact, 70% of online businesses that fail (1) do so because of a poor digital experience.

The pandemic began to close the digital divide and exposed that digital transformation is more than necessary. Any business should have an online channel for the sale and/or promotion of its products or services, and consequently, if you want to sell and reduce costs, have optimised those digital channels.
Website usability throughout the user journey will be a key ingredient in achieving an optimal customer experience leading to conversion. 

From Luce we ask the following question: What if you could see the exact points at which each consumer left the “correct” purchase path?

The expertise of the Luce team, together with the Acoustic Customer Experience Analytics (Tealeaf) tool from our Partner Acoustic, you can spot trends to see where bounce rates are highest, what’s preventing consumers from converting and how to counter these measures to get them on the right track, more easily.  

Solve problems in a more agile way

Acoustic Customer Experience Analytics (Tealeaf) investigates individual sessions across your channels, whether it’s your app, website or mobile digital experiences. At the visitor, page and session level, you can see if users are experiencing slow loads, buttons that don’t work, missing information, unclear design and any other friction in the customer experience. 

This can help teams solve problems in a more agile way. Marketers, product developers, engineers, etc. can access and retrieve valuable information to speed up resolution times.  If someone in marketing identifies a problem, they can point to the right team and they can go in to quickly identify the causes – without wasting time with unnecessary research and simulations – and based on that correct any errorsin the customer journey. With this knowledge, you can optimise your return on advertising spend (ROAS), pay-per-click campaigns, registration processes and much more. 

By providing a complete understanding of the customer experience and its business impact, you can refine every step of the customer journey. 

You can also identify bottlenecks or friction points in your customer experience, which will greatly increase the usability of your channels and therefore increase your conversions and reduce churn.


Tested results

One of our success storiesin the “Travel”sector, shows how the Luce team, applying Acoustic Customer Experience Analytics, helped cachieve management’s proposed business objectives, providing greater visibility into the real-time status of what is happening across digital channels.


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(1) Data Source: Essential UX Statistics — Everything You Need to Know  


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