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As experts in cloud migration, maintenance processes and post-migration activities, security and implementation of robust architectures, Luce IT’s systems team is leading the way towards innovative technology solutions that are more flexible, scalable and efficient.


The adoption of cloud technologies has been a milestone in the way organisations manage their operations, computing resources and big data. Our systems team has led the charge in facilitating the migration of systems and applications to cloud environments, unlocking a new level of flexibility and agility for our customers.

The scalability of the cloud, coupled with the team’s expertise, enables our customers to adapt quickly to changing market demands, even in peaks of high demand, paving the way for continuous innovation.


In our constant search for excellence, we not only focus on migration to the cloud, but also accompany the client in the post-migration phases by implementing maintenance processes. We understand that true efficiency lies not only in the initial implementation, but in the ability to continuously maintain and optimise cloud infrastructures. Our experts work diligently to perform upgrades, security patches and proactive monitoring, ensuring stability and security over time. This comprehensive approach to maintenance not only preserves the integrity of operations, but also ensures that our customers are always one step ahead in a constantly evolving technology environment.


At Luce IT, we understand that the maintenance process is not only about solving existing problems, but also about anticipating and preventing future issues. Our team conducts regular assessments of cloud infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement and optimisation. From efficient resource management to implementing the latest updates and best practices, we strive to constantly refine our customers’ operational efficiency. This proactive approach not only strengthens the resilience of business operations, but also enables organisations to take full advantage of the capabilities and benefits of cloud environments over time.


Security is a constant concern for all organisations.
In a global business environment marked by the constant threat of cyber attacks, IT security has become an inescapable priority. Implementing advanced security measures, including state-of-the-art firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and comprehensive security policies. These may be some of the solutions. In addition, we apply robust encryption and rigorously comply with standards such as ISO/IEC 27001 and GDPR, setting an exceptional standard in protecting business assets in cloud environments.


Organisations’ confidence in our ability to ensure a secure environment for critical operations is a direct result of our advanced practices and proactive approach to IT security.


Designing and building flexible and robust architectures is essential to address challenges in an increasingly unpredictable world. Our systems team has taken innovative approaches, from implementing microservices to adopting containers, enabling organisations to adapt to changing market conditions quickly and efficiently. The ability to design architectures that fit specific business needs has been a key element in our success.

Scalability is the cornerstone of any successful architecture, and our systems team has proven its prowess in ensuring that solutions are easily scalable to changing business needs. Whether to meet a sudden surge in demand or to adapt to new markets, our cloud deployments have enabled businesses to grow without restriction.



Our success lies not only in individual expertise, but in the effective collaboration of our systems team with the rest of the teams at Luce, plus the collaboration and trust with our clients.

The synergy between our professionals, combined with their commitment to excellence, has been the driving force behind every successful project. We work side by side, sharing knowledge and experience to overcome the most complex challenges.

As we move into an increasingly digital future, it is essential to have a systems team that not only understands the complexities of cloud technology and architecture, but also has the vision and determination to drive our customers to success.



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