FinOps + Analytics: The Key to Cloud Efficiency

You may feel uncertain about how to assess whether your cloud services investment is really being cost and benefit efficient. Resources are scalable and operations are increasingly dynamic, cost control and optimization are crucial. So how can you make sure you are getting the maximum value from your cloud investments?

The answer is the implementation of FinOps and the creation of a powerful dashboard to control expenses in the cloud.

If these challenges sound familiar, feel free to continue reading this article to the end:

  • “I don’t have a clear way to measure whether the spending I am doing on cloud services is being cost and benefit efficient.”
  • “I do not have centralized spending or a detailed breakdown by areas and components in cloud services and I am not able to attribute the cost.”
  • “Lately I have noticed that my spending on cloud services has increased significantly, but I cannot identify the reason behind this increase.”
  • “I have several cloud storage accounts and services, but I don’t have a unified and clear record of how much money I’m spending in total each month.”

These are the challenges facing many organizations on their journey to financial efficiency in the cloud. The adoption of cloud services has brought with it a number of advantages, but it has also raised the critical need to manage and optimize costs effectively and to be able to visualize them in a simple way.. 


Control and Optimize: The FinOps Promise

FinOps is the answer to the need to effectively manage costs in the cloud. It combines finance and operations in a structured and collaborative methodology that enables organizations to maximize the value of their cloud technology investments. But how does this translate into practice?

The key is to have a clear and detailed view of your cloud costs, and this is where the FinOps dashboard comes into play.

A cloud-based expense control dashboard gives you the tools you need to address the above challenges and many more.

Why a Dashboard to Control Expenses in the Cloud?

This article explores why a FinOps dashboard is essential to the success of your cloud strategy. You will see how a FinOps dashboard provides you:


  • Real Time Visibility: A real-time view of your costs in the cloud allows you to constantly monitor your expenses and detect budget deviations.


  • Informed Decision Making: With up-to-date data clearly displayed on your dashboard, you can make informed decisions about resource allocation and cost optimization. You can identify areas of overspending or underutilization of resources quickly and efficiently. 


  • Tracking Crucial KPIs: A good FinOps dashboard allows you to track key performance metrics (KPIs) related to your cloud costs. This includes cost per user, cost per transaction and other relevant indicators. These KPIs help you evaluate the performance of your investments and adjust your strategy as needed.


  • Alerts and Notifications: A well-designed dashboard allows you to set up alerts and notifications when certain spending thresholds are reached. This gives you the ability to take preventative action before costs get out of control..


  • Detailed Breakdown :The ability to break down costs by areas and components, allowing you to accurately attribute and understand where your investment is at any given moment to keep daily control of spending to ensure you don’t exceed your budget on new projects.


  • Identification of Reasons for Increase in Expenses: The ability to identify the reasons behind significant increases in cloud spending, allowing you to take immediate corrective action.


  • Unified Registry: A unified and clear record of all your expenses in the cloud, no matter how many accounts or services you have, giving you a complete view of your costs..


  • Facilitates Collaboration: FinOps is not just the responsibility of the finance team; it involves multiple departments, including operations and development. A shared dashboard fosters collaboration and effective communication between these teams, which is essential to the success of FinOps.


Discover how a FinOps dashboard can transform the way you manage your cloud costs, enabling you to make more informed decisions, reduce resource waste and maximize the value of your technology investments in any cloud.


 We accompany and advise you on the journey to financial efficiency in the cloud!

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