Migration from traditional CPD to Private Cloud with “zero” Customer impact

PuroEGO, the Spanish company with more than 20 years of experience in men’s fashion, trusts Luce to migrate and support the entire infrastructure maintenance process.


It is increasingly common for large companies to opt for the migration of cloud services, whether public or private. The evolution of technology requires adaptation to a more agile, efficient environment, economic and that decreases the times to market.
The key for this data migration to be successful is to have a trusted provider that guarantees the client’s objectives, managing resources efficiently to mitigate the impact on the business.

PuroEGO, once again trusted Luce when doing the Migration of your traditional CPD to the private cloud, achieving 40% cost savings compared to your initial starting situation. But the success of this case is not only due to the economic impact, another very important aspect is the expertise of the Luce team, which made a totally transparent data migration possible for the client, without impact on their business that would prevent them from continuing with their daily activity . 


“They far exceeded our expectations” 

“The services of the new infrastructure are faster, more efficient and cheaper, and the migration process was completely clear to us.”

Daniel Martín Ruano – Operations Director at PuroEGO


Following this migration and hosting in the private cloud, we also provide PuroEGO with the infrastructure service which includes hourly snapshots of the replicas of the secondary datacenter, daily backups, the possibility of switching to the backup centre in the event of an incident, elastic provisioning of resources, high-performance storage with direct access and perimeter security, among others. Thus, we comply with one of our core values of accompanying the customer throughout the migration and maintenance process of the infrastructure, as well as complying with all guidelines in terms of information security.
It is important to note that this “accompaniment” of the client that we at Luce perform in an integrated manner in the migration is an additional service in public clouds. That is to say, as it is a completely necessary service but not included initially, if it is not included in the budget in the first instance it can mean a considerable increase in the total amount of the migration. 

To conclude, a migration process can generate uncertainty in the organisation, but without doubt the advantages of the Cloud over traditional data centres are significant. Among others, migration to the cloud eliminates physical factors such as location, ventilation and climate from the traditional server room, it optimises human resources as there is no need for on-call technicians, and initial capital investments are eliminated, moving to a periodic payment according to the contracted capacity, which translates into immediate cost savings. In addition, scalability is always possible both to expand and reduce configurable resources in real time and according to the customer’s needs.



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About PuroEGO
PuroEGO is a Spanish company that was born as a result of more than 20 years of experience in the textile sector. Based in Madrid, the brand was launched in 2007 with the aim of bringing a more dynamic and urban vision to men’s fashion, always based on the essence of handmade tailoring.

Our collections are divided into two product lines that share the same personality:

Tailoring: with a clear sartorial tradition, our most sophisticated collection consists of a wide range of suits with modern fits and impeccable patterns that bring the distinction of the authentic dandy to the male wardrobe.

Smart Casual:perfect for everyday life and designed for an all-rounder, the collection consists of garments that stand out for their fresh, modern and relaxed design.

PuroEGO currently has more than 30 points of sale in Spain, including its own shops, franchises and corners within El Corte Inglés. In addition to its online shop puroego.com and beyond the national scope, the company is immersed in an expansion plan focused on the Latin American market where it already has more than 50 points of sale in Mexico and is also present in Bolivia and Chile.



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