CRO: Identify web errors and convert

It is possible that as the person responsible for e-commerce or digital channels in your organization you are not reaching the goal this year.

There is little left until 2023 ends, and in order to optimize your digital channels and discover why you are not achieving the expected sales, it is essential to apply the CRO methodology. In this sense, one of the main pain points of our clients are hidden web obstacles and errors that go unnoticed or poorly optimized user experience that prevents conversion.

Online errors (web and App)

It is common that there are obstacles and web errors that can be negatively affecting the conversion rate without you even realizing it. This is where the CRO methodology comes into play

Conversion Rate Optimization is based on the use of advanced tools and detailed analysis to detect technical, design or content problems on your website. These issues can include broken pages, faulty forms, heavy pages, poor user experience, images that don’t load correctly, or even errors in user tracking settings. The Luce IT team does an exhaustive analysis of the website and detects these hidden obstacles that must be solved.

One of the biggest benefits of identifying these hidden obstacles early is cost reduction. When your website isn’t working as it should, you’re wasting money on advertising and marketing efforts that aren’t generating results.

By optimizing your digital channels through CRO, you can save resources and direct them towards strategies that work effectively and without much effort.

Improve user experience

Resolving problems in your online channels has to go hand in hand with working on continuous improvement to always have your website or mobile application optimized.

Improving the user experience through techniques such as the implementation of artificial intelligence, A/B testing and other more advanced analytics and session analysis techniques will take your organization to another level, knowing even more about your users and their way. to behave to always offer them the best service.

In short, the CRO methodology is a powerful tool to increase your conversions, through the resolution of errors that may be slowing down your digital marketing efforts and the continuous improvement of the digital user experience..

By applying CRO to overcome your website hurdles, you can achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) and long-term online success..


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