Four pillars of CRO

If you have a website and you sell online or get new customers through digital channels, you need to apply the CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization methodology. That is, a set of strategies whose main objective is to optimize the conversion on your website.

And they are very simple and easy to apply strategies that will allow you to increase the number of visitors, increase the number of visitors who become customers and improve the user experience

To transform your website or App with CRO techniques, you must understand the essential pillars of a good CRO, which are these:

Obtaining Insights

The first step in the CRO process is to obtain insights, which are relevant data and information about user behavior on the website. This can be achieved by analyzing metrics and data, such as time spent on the page, navigation paths, bounce rates and interaction with key elements of the site.

Hypothesis Generation

Once the insights have been obtained, it is time to generate hypotheses. These are not assumptions, but conclusions based on the data collected, which will help identify specific areas of the website that could be improved to increase the conversion rate. With these conclusions, hypotheses can be raised that will lead us to conduct experiments to find out whether or not we are on the right track.
For example, one could hypothesize that changing the color of the call-to-action button could increase the number of clicks.

Validation of Results:

The validation of results is a fundamental stage in this CRO optimization process. To get results you have to start with testing and a start is to start performing experiments to know the impact of the changes made on the website.

A common way to achieve results is through A/B testing, where two different versions of a page are compared: the original (A) and a variant (B) with some difference between them, such as the color of a button or a text with a different call to action

By comparing how visitors respond to both versions, we can determine which is more effective in terms of conversion.

User Behavior:

User behavior is the fundamental aspect in CRO. It consists of observing how visitors interact with the website and what actions they take while browsing it. This information is valuable to understand which aspects of the page work well and which may need improvement.

By optimizing conversion, you get the most out of existing traffic, improving profitability and providing a more satisfying experience for users.

Obtaining insights, generating hypotheses, validating results and user behavior are the pillars that support an effective CRO strategy, where having these pillars, it will be possible to advance in more advanced techniques such as the implementation of artificial intelligence, tests and more advanced statistical studies to obtain conversions.


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