Is your App not getting the rating it deserves?

Have you made an effort to improve your mobile application but you are not getting the rating or positioning in the App Stores that you deserve?


Don’t worry, it’s not just you. Many organizations face the same situation, but there are solutions that can help you improve your app’s performance.


One of these solutions is the combination of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and ASO (App Store Optimization).

ASO functionality focuses on optimizing the app’s presence in the App stores, while CRO focuses on improving the user experience within the app.

Using solutions that combine both methodologies (CRO + ASO) can offer multiple benefits for companies that have mobile apps such as:


1 – Identify problems and areas for improvement in the application:

  • Perform A/B testing to determine which elements of the application generate the most interaction with users and which do not.
  • Analyze application performance metrics, such as conversion rate, dwell time and bounce rate, to identify problem areas.
  • Use heat mapping to see how users interact with the application and which areas of the application receive the most attention.


2 – Analyze user behavior:

  • Monitor and analyze user behavior in the app, including how long they spend in each section, how often they use the app, and the conversion rate.
  • Obtain information about App usage on different devices and platforms, to ensure that the App is optimized for all users.
  • Identify user behavior patterns in the App and use them to improve the user experience.


3 – Design solutions that improve the user experience:

  • Use the information gathered to redesign elements of the app, such as the user interface and features, to make them more attractive and easier to use.
  • Identify navigation issues in the App to improve navigation so that users can more easily access important features and sections.
  • Conduct usability testing to ensure that the App is easy to use and that users can easily perform tasks.


4- Help companies understand feedback and comments:

  • Collect and analyze user feedback on the App to identify problems and areas for improvement.
  • Use user feedback to make informed decisions about future updates and improvements to the App.
  • Use user feedback information to improve the reputation of the App and increase its position and rating in App Stores.


The summary of these four benefits is that companies get to improve the user experience in their App by incorporating the voice of the customer, taking advantage of the comments and opinions of users to improve the quality of the APP and the conversion rate generating a greater number of downloads and sales from the mobile application in any App Store.


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