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Still don’t have an optimised data platform and infrastructure to keep your organisation innovating?

According to IDC market research, in Q4 2021, 46% of architecture data was already managed in a public cloud and the percentage of enterprises with at least 80% of their data in the cloud is expected to double by 2024.

The current data landscape is plagued by information silos, siloed technology deployments, individual decision-making and isolated or sporadic funding.


IDC’s latest research with more than 800 global data data leaders shows that 44% of organisations have data collection, data processing and big data technology solutions running in both the cloud and on premise, and 49% of these organisations have a multi-cloud environment.

Today’s data landscape is more complex than ever, and for many, its complexity was intensified by the pandemic and the social and economic consequences.



From this perspective, the vast majority of technology leaders have made the decision to transform their data architecture by choosing data governance solutions in the cloud to accelerate digital transformation. 

At Luce IT,  we have our own data platformsolution with the following benefits:


  •  Govern and integrate data >> Eliminate information silos in your organisation and promote data sharing with a 360° view.


  • Exploit the data >> Organise the information and create an analysis environment that is 100% integrated into the client’s own ecosystem.


  • Extract maximum value from your information systems>> Scale IT infrastructure and costs and improve the speed of production processes.


  • Reduces technical complexity >> interconnection and interoperability between data, AI and Machine learning, creating an ideal environment for agile implementation and activation of AI and Business Intelligence use cases.



For more information to better understand what makes a leading data-driven organisation stand out, you can download this report by IDC and sponsored by our partner Google Cloud. 

It includes interviews with executives charged with leading data architecture modernisation initiatives and a global survey of 830 data leaders from organisations across industries and regions.

You’ll see how leading organisations are solving their data challenges, and learn innovations and recommendations from a global survey of more than 800 CDOs, CIOs, CTOs and other data leaders.


In this IDC whitepaper: “Unified Data Cloud for Simplicity and Intelligence at Scale”, sponsored by our partner Google Cloud, you will find the following valuable information: 

  • The data challenges facing organisations around the world and what they are doing with their cloud data strategy.
  • How 83% of businesses have improved employee productivity, customer experience and innovation with Google’s Data Cloud.
  • How leading organisations such as Australia Post, Equifax, PayPal and Rakuten remain at the forefront of innovation.




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