Data Platform: Experience as told by CIOs

Data is the real driver of true business transformation and this is how two influential technology leaders, Juan Miguel Medina of Chafiras and Lluis Anguela of DomusVi, told it live last July. 

Through a live conversation, the two CIOs shared their perspectives and experiences on how they have used data to improve their organizations and embrace the cultural change needed through the implementation of the Luce IT Data Platform..

Measuring for Improvement: The First Step

The focus on accurate measurement and collection of relevant data is critical for all organizations. The importance of addressing the data challenge starts from the outset with good measurement.

Lluis Anguela (DomusVi): “You have to have clear business objectives: what I want to measure and how I am going to measure them. 


Evolution through Data: Motivations for Change

Organizations are constantly faced with evolving their management systems, and need to be resilient to choose a transformation path, either from scratch or from a previous foundation that the organization already has in place.

Recognizing that management layer change is complicated, rebuilding your processes to drive continuous improvement is critical. On the other hand, it is indisputable that it is unproductive (although most organizations still work this way) to be struggling with spreadsheets and manual processes that consume time, resources and patience. The need for accurate metrics drives the implementation of a data architecture platform.

And this is where Luce IT’s data platform comes in, whose commitment goes beyond creating and implementing the solution. We create stories with real business impact

Juan Miguel Medina (Chafiras): If what we measure is correct, it is correct for the future and valid for different sectors.


Areas of Demand and Challenges Overcome

Both companies identified the growing demand for data from the business areas. This need led to data architecture that would facilitate data management and analysis. However, they faced challenges in defining clear objectives and accurately measuring data quality.
Lluis Anguela (DomusVi): Having the right data to make the right decisions.
Changing the organizational culture and aligning all departments towards common goals was a significant challenge.

Lluis Anguela (DomusVi): You build on business and technology is an enabler, which promotes cultural change.


Data Focus Milestones and Benefits

The successful implementation of the data platform has had a profound impact on both organizations. Chafiras has achieved significant time reduction by working in an integrated data environment. DomusVi has improved the quality of care for the elderly and has been able to anticipate their needs through data analysis. Data quality has become a key aspect for the success of their initiatives.

Lluis Anguela (DomusVi): Having the right data to make the right decisions.


Towards the Future: Sustainable Innovation

For Chafiras and DomusVi, the way forward lies in the scalability and quality of the data platform. 

Both companies see the data platform as an essential foundation for the successful implementation of future projects, such as the incorporation of artificial intelligence and business prediction.

Conclusions: Data as a Driver of Success

Both Chafiras and DomusVi highlight the importance of data in decision making, process optimization and the generation of tangible results. The transformation of companies through data is not exclusive to one sector; it is a universal need to evolve and thrive in an information-driven world. Making decisions based on reliable data reduces errors and enables improved business agility.

Juan Miguel Medina (Chafiras): (on the Data Platform) This type of tool allows you to scale.

Lluis Anguela (DomusVi) : (on the Data Platform) the important thing is the basis to get the quality of the data right.



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