How to create a data architecture strategy that creates value

Currently, traditional architectures are far removed from a correct management of information systems. As data is one of the most important assets within organisations, proper data management can generate a competitive advantage for companies. But… How to manage this data properly?

The simplest way is to aggregate the information into a platform that forms a strong data architecture, to implement and activate future Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence or Data Exchange use cases.

Choosing an innovative data platform, built on any cloud (public or private), that holds centralised information to govern and exploit the data stored in the organisation is the key to successful data management.

At Luce we have created a proprietary data platform solution that keeps information centralised in a Data Lake to govern and exploit the data stored by organisations and obtain its full potential and value.

This solution can be created in the cloud, public or private or on-premise.

From this platform the data can be accessed, governed, exploited and used, and even other applications or technologies can be installed, making this solution totally flexible and scalable.

The platform brings together information, data and applications from diverse sources and enables the creation of an intelligent ecosystem that justifies data-driven decision making.


Data Platform Objectives:

  • Creation of a scalable analysis environment.
  • Orchestration of information, allowing its internal and external distribution.
  • Data governance (Business Glossary, Taxonomy, Quality Rules, Alerts).
  • Ready for use by future applications and optimisation CUs based on AI-BI, analytics, AI optimisation.


What are the advantages of use of the Data Platform? 

  • Understanding the data

It helps to expand knowledge about existing data, as well as to establish mechanisms to make new data intakes available to the organisation for the implementation of actions.


  • Data preparation

It is a fundamental advantage because it adapts the data for exploitation and enrichment based on techniques of selection, cleansing, transformation, construction and finally integration into the usage channel.


  • Modelling

By applying configuration and composition techniques to the various algorithms, models are formed to determine which is the most accurate and then evaluations or adjustments can be made.


  • Assessment and reporting

By having a unified data platform we will be able to evaluate these models for review and establish future corrective actions.


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