What is “Data Cloud” and why does it provide so much value?

Getting started with true digital transformation is undoubtedly a matter of properly managing the data your own organisation generates, coupled with the connection with third-party data.

The heart of the data cloud is the sum of data analytics and artificial intelligence. Together, they will be responsible for informing intelligent business decisions.


What is Data Cloud?

It is a network that connects data to increase the growth value of the organisation, governing information in a secure, regulated and seamless way.

The data cloud offers an end-to-end approach, run in the cloud, provides agility and innovation and will help transform the combination of data and software to build a data cloud of your own in your organisation.


What problem does a Data Cloud Solve?

In today’s world, data silos make harnessing the value of data slow and costly.

In addition, governance and collaboration are often impossible to achieve across so many different technologies and clouds.

The Data Cloud unlocks the value of data by eliminating silos created within organisations, and dispersed across different subsidiaries, business ecosystems or one or more service providers.


What does a Data Cloud provide?

Access, governance and action:

Access so that organisations can discover and share data without physically moving it, on an almost unlimited scale and regardless of the format of that data.

Governance is knowing and controlling your data so that you can enable collaboration while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.

Action means you can empower every part of your business with data to create better products, make faster decisions, create new revenue streams and leverage the value of your greatest untapped asset: data.



What makes a Data Cloud so valuable?

The Data Cloud creates a network effect. It will continue as organisations move their siloed data from cloud-based repositories and local data centres to the Data Cloud.

This means that customers can leverage data from other organisations to make better business decisions without needing to copy, store or maintain that data.

The more customers on the platform, the more data can be exchanged with other customers, partners and data providers, increasing the value of the platform for all users.




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