How to succeed in the analysis of marketing campaigns?

Today’s consumers are in control. They choose how, when, and where they wish to engage your brand. They select a blend of channels they want to use, whether it’s email or web, mobile or social, telephone or chat. Along the way, they expect you to know their interests and preferences and to use this knowledge to provide consistent, timely, relevant, and personalized experiences.


Each consumer engagement leaves behind a trail of data — clues about a particular encounter and about how that individual might behave in the future. Analyzing these interactions helps
business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers make quantifiable assessments about what consumers will respond to and what they will ignore, as well as when to make real-time adjustments to their marketing campaigns.

Data about customers, prospects, and campaigns builds up quickly: in customer relationship management (CRM) systems, in marketing automation systems, and in dozens of specialized marketing apps that can comprise your marketing technology (MarTech) stack. Much of this data gets sequestered in individual “silos.” Hence, it’s difficult to unify and integrate, either in a customer data platform (CDP) or in other common data repositories. And yet properly acquiring, managing, and analyzing data is the supreme task facing marketers as they seek to enrich their customer profiles and refine their marketing strategies.

To succeed with marketing analytics, you must access, centralize, and normalize all types of data and make it actionable for business intelligence (BI) and data science initiatives. Acquiring
consistent, accurate data is the key to segmenting customers, creating specialized content, formulating unique offers, and measuring the return on your marketing investments.


That’s what the ebook from Luce, Partner of Snowflake , we encourage you to download: Cloud Marketing Analytics for Dummies. Among other highlights you will find:

  • Moving from mass marketing to personalization
  • How to manage the customer journey and ROI
  • Pursuing modern data science initiatives
  • What’s possible by securely sharing data across a broad ecosystem
  • Why building a modern cloud technology stack matters




*Source: “Cloud Marketing Analytics for dummies” – Snowflake Special Edition


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