Optimize your customers’ experience with End2End solutions

Customer experience is already a fundamental element in customer retention for 93% of Spanish companies*

How to monitor customer interactions with our brand at the different touchpoints in order to eliminate friction and make it as agile as possible, all while respecting user privacy, is the main objective of every marketing manager.

There are more and more channels, media, platforms, messages and creativities to control and monitor, so it is essential to have End2End solutions that cover the entire customer journey of your customers and improve the customer experience.


Companies that focus on improving the customer experience increase their profits by 80%.

Source: Forbes


How do consumers’ minds work?

In order to answer this question, think of yourself first or people close to you.
You will realize that the answer to this question is the generation of a desire in the first place, filling a need in the second place, and in the last place, the intention to buy to achieve that original desire. 

For example, my desire to rest on vacation, leads me to the need to find a good hotel. Having overcome the rest of the competitors, when the customer is already on my website and is going to choose my service, his purchase decision will be based on the interaction with my website or App, and undoubtedly, in this “age of impatience”, it will be positive if he can acquire my product or service with the least effort and in the shortest possible time

On the contrary, if obtaining that desire will take the consumer more time or effort than expected, it will have a negative impact on the brand. 


32% of customers stop buying a brand after just one bad experience

Source: PwC 

Customer Experience is the engine of change and Personalization is the fuel. 

As customers, we all like to feel valued and to have our lives made easier throughout the entire buying process.

Consumers not only want personalized experiences, they demand them. Since the shift in purchasing with the advent of the pandemic, brand and product loyalty is increasingly difficult to achieve, and that’s why it’s important to get it right.

Companies that have figured out what personalization really means and how to leverage it are already outperforming their competition.


40% of consumers spend more than planned when experiences are highly personalized

Source: BCG



The key is to develop deeper relationships with your customers, with End2End solutions that completely cover the customer’s customer journey, to reach where you never imagined before, and in this task we can help you: 


3 ways Luce IT can help you boost your brand with end2end solutions that improve customer experience

  • Thanks to our expertise and our great capacity for innovation, we improve our customers’ experience by anticipating their needs.
  • We use automation to add value experiences throughout the entire buying funnel.
  • We are not just another solution provider. We become partners of our customers and they are an active part of our team.



Do you want to improve your customers’ experience throughout their whole journey?
Contact  the Luce Innovative Technologies team and we will help you find the right End to End solution for your organization..



*Source Data

* “Total Experience, de la fidelización al Brand Experience” estudio de Kantar, IE y Ogilvy  

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